Troupe 5115


Weeks of preparation all lead up to this. The moment where all your hard work boils down to a score out of 90 points, and that score tells you just how hard you’ve worked.

The Districts’ Thespian festival is a good time, but we all know that it is a competition; a competition to see which troupe has the best of the best. Which school is able to produce the most talented people of our generation. Who gets the superiors and best in shows defines your troupe and your talent.

Mr. Kahn is known for choosing eccentric, harder to understand plays for the One Act portion of Districts. He wants you to think and to take a message away from the performance. Unfortunately, that has caused us some losses in the past. Just last year, with the production Are We Reviving Ophelia? that highlighted sexism and feminism in the modern world, we received overall excellent for our performance; solely because the judges didn’t like the content.

This year however, we were going to show those judges, and the rest of the troupe’s there, just how mysterious we could get. Language of Angels showed how our light burns, and just how eclectic our tastes are.

During our performance, we heard the whispers of the crowd, not understanding, but wanting to. It was our goal; to make everyone think and wonder, and have their own interpretation of our performances. Everyone who watched the show saw a different story, but the all got they same message.

After the performance, the cast and crew go out on stage for judge critiquing. The judges were dumbfound. They had comments on the lighting and set pieces used, and shared their confusion with us. We were proud to have provoked their brains, pushing them to find deeper meaning and wonder just what a play about a dead girl in a cave could’ve taught them.

We received overall superiors for our performance, both in acting and tech.

sarah f superiors

1 thought on “Troupe 5115

  1. Congratulations on what sounds like an amazing performance! It must be something to have so many take away a different interpretation of what was performed. You must be so proud to be part of something like that. While it is different, your post reminds me of a Poetry Out Loud regional competition that I watched. High school students had to recite poems from memory and recite it with feeling and appropriate body language, etc. I was blown away by the confidence and performances! I am a teacher in my late 30’s and I don’t think I would have that type of confidence NOW to perform that way, much less in high school when I was less confident in myself. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

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