From 4 to 5

by Jash


On October 17, 2012, my whole life changed. My mother gave birth to my baby brother, René Vidal Sanchez. As an 11 year old I was so nervous to be around a baby, I thought I’d break him or something but I’ve realized that I love him more and more every time I’ve seen him since the first.


At home my job is basically to keep René entertained, which I love to do. He loves playing with trains and monster trucks, watching blues clues and going to Disney. For some reason he always ends up on my lap which is okay with my parents and I because they’re busier than I am and they usually want to get work done anyway, so it’s a win-win.

Still being as young as I am I feel that having to care for René much of the time is good for me. Watching over René has taught me about responsibility and a plenty of other important things. I pray every night that my bond with my baby brother only grows.


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