Beauty and the Chipotle Bowls

By Ashley

My spring break mostly consisted of me catching up on tv series and sleep. So when I finally made plans to go out for the first time during the week it felt as if I was being liberated. Beauty and the Beast is a Disney classic and was just recently remade. This time it was more realistic and the creators went out of their way to bring life to it. I got to relive my childhood with my favorite Disney princess. Yes, I knew the storyline and the events that occurred in the movie weren’t a shocker. The thing that caught my attention more were the advanced technology and the amazing job Emma Watson did playing the role of Belle. Disney couldn’t have a picked a better person to portray Belle. Elegant, smart and beautiful made Emma Watson the perfect french princess we all grew up loving. If you’re looking for a great movie for a family outing or simply trying to relive your childhood go watch Beauty and the Beast.

IMG_2456 (1).JPG FullSizeRender (3).jpg

After the two hour movie we did work up quite the appetite and decided to head over to Chipotle. Chipotle always fills me up and hits that spot and always leaves me wanting more. I will admit my love for Chipotle may be considered an addiction but it was a great way to end to my day. I realized I wasted a lot of my spring break and could have went out more and had tons of fun and created new memories. All I can do now is wait for summer and make sure I’m active with friends and embark on new adventures.

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