Environmental Activism

byTrisha, Period 6


I consider myself an environmental activist. Things occurring on a regular basis such as school lunch being served on styrofoam plates, no recycling at my school and people throwing trash RIGHT next to the trash can really tick me off. If I could change these things with a snap of my fingers I would but unfortunately I can’t. So instead I join the ECO club at my school hoping to make a difference. In ECO club we focus on keeping our school clean and setting an example for others to do the same. I am happy I joined this club because not many people at my school has respect for the environment and maybe ECO club could convince them they should.

At one of the ECO club meetings someone had an idea to make a garden so maybe people would see that the school was worth keeping clean. About ten of us in ECO club got up at eight a.m. to create our school garden. I remember the ECO club supervisors bought hot chocolate and donuts for breakfast before we got to work. The first step in creating the garden was cleaning the littering, mulch, and weeds found in the area. I remember seeing milk cartons, pop tart wrappers, gum etc stuck in the dirt and thinking “why can’t people throw these items in the trash.” There was so much unnecessary littering it took us four hours to finish. Afterwards we had pizza and discussed our next move. Not only did it feel great to come together as a community to reach a common goal but it also felt great to see our school a little cleaner. (Picture is on next page.)






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