Beat Freedom

By Samuel

There we were at Freedom High School the score 17-17. They had just scored and tied things up we had the ball there was only a few minutes left in the game. We knew we had to score and we were making progress, however we were not getting as far down the field as we wanted.

As I watched I thought to myself what if we lose I had so much confidence we could win that I hadn’t even thought of that. We kept pushing but eventually they stopped us and our coach said it was time to kick and the reaction was mixed. We all had confidence in our kicker however it was farther than a normal kick and he had just missed another kick in the first half.

Then we all saw it, he made the kick and we were ahead and everyone was freaking out congratulating our kicker and telling the defense not to mess this up our coach said not to celebrate too soon but our defense was able to stop them just fine. Afterwards everyone was so happy and the bus ride was the loudest we’ve ever had. Then I realized that we just broke a streak, freedom had beat us for almost ten years in a row and now it was over.


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