On July 4th, 2015 I visited my aunt,her fiance, and my cousins in Virginia. I was accompanied by the mother, sister, and grandmother. My aunt’s fiance owned a massive white boat and we were all going to sail to Washington D.C. to see the monuments but most importantly the fireworks.We had to leave the dock early in the morning so we awoke and dressed accordingly. We had gotten to the dock early so we went to Dunkin Donuts. While we were gone, they set up the fishing poles and prepared the boat. As we left, there were over two dozen geese swimming the water by the perimeter of the boat.

We had to dodge many dark brown rock-shaped objects in the water. It felt like forever until we got to the area. It was swarmed with other boats with our same agenda. Although the sun was setting, we could see so many lights, as the monument lights had started glowing, as did the streetlights and car headlights. The first “BOOM!” in the dark sky caught my attention. It was bright red. Soon, all the colors of the rainbow appeared in the sky, arranged in different shapes and sizes. Eventually, we went back after the fireworks ended cruising back in the dark while my eyes closed shut.

Spillane here, Donielle, this post brought me back to Lesson from Geese! love the image and your story.





Judging the Judge

by Andie, Period 7



     Last month in February, I performed my annual piano festival piece at the UCF’s Performing Arts building. This is now my eighth year here and boy do I still get nervous EVERY TIME. You may be wondering by this point how I’m still nervous. Truth is, I don’t even know myself. Each year, I practice rigorously two weeks prior to the performance (and also once in awhile during the other months I’m given), doing whatever possible way to have my two songs memorized, note by note. My pieces weren’t difficult compared to the very high-leveled students, but I just wanted that instant gratification of feeling proud when I’m done performing them. As my mom parked the car, I walked out and entered the building automatically, knowing what to do next without hesitating; collect your score sheet, check the room on the sheet, go to that room on the sheet, and wait outside the room’s door nervously for your turn. I did just that and checked the list to see when it was my turn. Turns out that I was actually next.

    A young girl before me walked out and I was summoned by the judge’s assistant into the room. I handed my books to the judge’s assistant, who later then proceeded to hand my books to the real judge. The judge told me to warm up the piano as she got ready. I played a scale going up the piano and as I was about to go back down, she abruptly and strictly told me to stop playing, but I hadn’t finished testing the piano out. All I got from “warming-up”, was that the piano was extremely stiff and muffled, and this was not good news for me. When I was told to begin, my mind went blank and for the first five measures of my first song. My left hand played the completely wrong notes and my ears cringed at the sound of it and I was so sure the judge heard it too. As I was playing, I couldn’t hear the notes due to the piano’s muffled-ness, so I often missed a few notes here and there. Playing my other song felt like forever and then it was all over. I collected my books from the judge who didn’t even look up at me or say anything when I finished. Based on her attitude, I knew for sure what my score would be and I had the worst feeling. Six months of practice down the drain. I walked out the room feeling defeated as ever.

    That following Saturday, I received my score from my piano teacher. Throughout the week, I was mentally preparing on how to react to my low score. As my teacher handed my score sheet, she exclaimed a loud, “Congratulations!”, and I was shocked. I got a superior!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Glancing over at the “comments” section on the paper, the judge wrote all the things I did well while playing. Nowhere to be seen, was the comment about my huge mistake or even my minor mistakes! I assumed she didn’t hear them because of the piano’s stiffness and muffled-ness, and I was so glad she didn’t. That day, I felt as proud as ever and I realized a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.



by Brilynn, Period 6


My Aunt Katie’s bunnies had babies!

Her Bunnies names are Nibs and Precious, they had 6 bunnies. Three of the bunnies are black like their mom Precious, and three of them are white like their dad Nibs.

My Aunt Katie sent me a picture through snapchat and a video immediately after. I couldn’t believe it I literally started screaming!

My Aunt had no clue that Precious was even pregnant. She told me that she went to feed them this morning and found the babies in the cage with Precious! She was totally surprised and was freaking out! Today was a great day!


Quick update:

We only have two bunnies now….

Four of the bunnies didn’t make it…

We lost all three of the black ones and one of the white ones…

I pray we don’t lose anymore…

I am nervous the other two won’t make it…

I am nervous what will happen to Precious if she loses all of her babies. I know some animals get really depressed and won’t eat after they lose their kids. I don’t want that to happen to Precious.

Competing in German

by Jackie, Period 4


I’m a huge believer in the fact that the amount of work you put in will reflect how you do. This ties into the competition I attended on Saturday, March 4. I participated at FASG, which is a German competition where you participate in three events and at the end awards are handed out.

The first event was a poem I had to memorize. I know I could have done better if I hadn’t started memorizing the poem two days before the competition. I was really nervous to have to say my poem but when it was finally over there was a huge wave of relief that swept over me because that was the hardest part. I did okay for the most part. I knew all the words in my poem but I forgot the order in which they went. I took two long pauses which they took points off for but it’s hard to memorize something that’s not in your native language.

After the poems were the two tests: vocabulary and grammar. Vocabulary was way harder than grammar. I thought I knew vocab but I was wrong. Grammar was my favorite event because it was the easiest and I like to think that my grammar skills are pretty good in German.

Lunch was also really great. The sandwiches were huge and also delicious. It also came with a cookie and chips which was a nice surprise. I sat with my sister and a couple friends and we played a game where you had to try to sell an item and convince the other people to buy it. We were crying because it was so funny. To pass the time we also played cards outside which was also fun.

I didn’t win, Alexa did, but it’s okay because we had a good time. By then it was time for awards. I ended up placing second, third, and fourth. The cool part about the awards is that the medals were black, red, and gold which was cool because those are the colors of the German flag. I’ll be back next year for sure. It was an amazing experience and I’m really glad and proud of myself for even going because I had my doubts. I’m also really thankful for being able to experience this with my sister Amanda and my two friends who also did really great, Alexa and Alec. I’m excited for next year because I know I can always improve and do better than I did this year.


by Amber, period 4


Today was the day. After a few months of having to stay after school every Wednesday to work on our robots, sometimes even coming before school and during lunch, it was finally the day to go to the Lockheed Martin Robotics Competition. Excitement ran up and down the bus as we got closer to where the they would be holding the competition. I was most excited that this mind- numbing journey was finally coming to a close.

Once you got into the area where the course was at, you could feel a heavy atmosphere filled with a range of emotions. I was so shocked to see how many different schools and types of people who all had the same interest and competitive spirit as we did were there. That competitive spirit only intensified after the commencement of the competition. As some screamed and cheered on their members, some gazed intensely into the course unable to speak while others worked in the background trying to repair the damages from their latest rounds

Although we didn’t win, I am extremely proud of our robotics team for what we achieved. This was our school’s first time at a robotics competition and we plan on doing it again next year, and I gladly look forward to it. All the hard work and frustrating was definitely worth it.

P.S. Since we were unable to use our phones and takes pictures at the competition, I will leave you with a robot pun instead (source:


Tennis Triumph

by Catalina, period 4


Earlier this month, Cypress Creek had a tennis game against East River High School. My friends and I were a bit nervous, like always. In my opinion, this was the most exciting game of the season because the girls ended up winning 4-3.

From our singles matches, we had only won two of those matches, which were the #1 and #2 ranking. The #3-5 rankings had lost their singles matches, sadly that included me. So, it all came down to our doubles matches, in which I participated in the #2 doubles match. I was determined to win our doubles match because I don’t I would have forgiven myself if I hadn’t. We did end up winning our doubles match by 8-4 and the other doubles team had also won their match.

Not only did the girls end up winning overall but my partner, Alanah Renejane, and I ended up on the Orlando Sentinel the next day. That day I could tell that we were not just a team, but we were family.




by Marianne, period 3

I hop out of my car with a duffel bag stuffed to its maximum capacity and a sleeping bag I didn’t even know my family owned.

“Be safe”, called my dad.

“Thanks! Love you,” I answered as I ran to greet my friends.

I was welcomed enthusiastically with tight hugs and various hellos. I instantly felt a wave of warmth as I entered the building where my first Lock-In would take place. A Lock-In is a time where a group will stay the night at a school, church, or other form of community where people can share a bond. This Lock-In would be hosted by my new family – YX. YX stands for youth expression, a christian youth group that is apart of the Calvario City Church. Only being apart of this group for about 2 months, I already feel at home and have made new close friends.

The first night was filled with worship and a sermon that will be greatly remembered. Tears fell as knees hit the ground. Prayers filled the room even when the singing stopped and the pastor was finished preaching. After an emotional few hours, we had break then went to play games. Finally, boys stayed downstairs and girls were sent upstairs. There, at 3 am, we were sent to bed.

“Hey guys, time to wake up,” the group leader said as she turned the harsh lights on.

“What times is it?”

“Turn it off!”

Everyone groaned as our eyes burned from the bright lights. Four hours of sleep was not enough but we groggily got ready to go downstairs to reunite with the everyone else for breakfast. Cereal and pan sobao was served. We spent a few minutes eating and then got ready for the last service before we were sent home.

The last thing we did was make the biggest group hug I’ve ever been apart of. We were officially dismissed and waited as our parents arrived. Like always, I was the first one to be picked up.

“Guys, I need a picture! Carlos ! Jaayyyy! Come in the picture,” I said gathering everyone together.

Finally getting everyone’s attention, we posed for a picture.

The Lock-In was more than just an event I went to with my friends. It was more than just another church service I sat through. The Lock-In at YX was an experience.

Happy Trails

by Bethany, Period 4


It was a early Saturday morning and my plan was to spend it doing nothing. Oh how I would find joy in doing absolutely nothing on that Saturday morning! Suddenly I hear this ring emitting from my phone indicating that I got a text message. It was from my brother and he was asking if I wanted to go to Shingle Creek with him to go and walk its trails. I was really tempted to say no because he was going to ruin my perfect plan. But I complied eventually and woke up my sister so she could come along too.

What I didn’t realize was that my nephew was going to come with us. This brought a great happiness within me because the idea of being able to walk with my adorable one year-old nephew was exciting. When we got to the trails, my nephew immediately started saying “wow” and gasping in the awe of a toddler experiencing new things. At Shingle Creek, there were three trails leading in different directions. We decided to pick the trail that had the longest distance so my nephew would get tired and take a nap after we were done. We saw many different birds and animals. One of which was a pure white crane that glided over the lake next to the trail and an otter that was swimming on its back toward places unknown. All the while my nephew was captivated by the nature and wildlife.

After the trekking over various hills and bridges, we walked back towards the car and instantly took out our water bottles and quenched our thirsts. It took about 20 minutes before we were finally all cool so I decided to take a picture with my nephew to remember this day. I knew he had as much fun as a one year-old could have. Even though it wasn’t part of my Saturday plan, I’m glad that I experienced a beautiful morning sun streaming through the leaves of the tall pine trees. I hope we can do it again soon and I think it will become something that he will thoroughly enjoy doing in the future with his family.



Freedom Win

by Samuel, period 1


    There we were at Freedom High School the score 17-17. They had just scored and tied things up. We had the ball. There were only a few minutes left in the game. We knew we had to score and we were making progress, however we were not getting as far down the field as we wanted.

    As I watched I thought to myself what if we lose? I had so much confidence we could win that I hadn’t even thought of that. We kept pushing but eventually they stopped us and our coach said it was time to kick and the reaction was mixed. We all had confidence in our kicker however it was farther than a normal kick and he had just missed another kick in the first half.

    Then we all saw it. He made the kick and we were ahead and everyone was freaking out congratulating our kicker and telling the defense not to mess this up. Our coach said not to celebrate too soon but our defense was able to stop them just fine.


Afterwards, everyone was so happy and the bus ride was the loudest we’ve ever had. Then I realized that we just broke a streak, freedom had beat us for almost ten years in a row and now it was over.

Friday Night Friends

by Rashid, Period 3


It was a beautiful Friday evening. I had texted the group chat with my buddies, Jonathan, Paul, and Braxton, to see if they wanted to go to Disney Springs with me. They all responded yes, so I asked my mom to see if I could go. She said yes, but with 1 condition – my brother had to go with me. I was okay with that since all my friends were too.

Jonathan has his license, so we decided our rendezvous point between all of us would be my house. J (it’s what I call him for short) picked us all up and we went to Disney Springs. On our way there, Paul brought the speaker, I connected to it through bluetooth, and we blasted some tunes. Unfortunately, we got lost. J was saying, “I know where we’re going!” So I turned the directions off, and the tunes blasted and J got us lost. We got stuck in a jam on I-4 and had to find a way out ASAP since he doesn’t really enjoy driving in crowded places like I-4.

Eventually, we got there. We walked around, messed around at some places, got dippin’ dots, and ate dinner. Blah blah blah, we did all the fun stuff you could at Disney Springs and saw that we still had a couple hours to kill. J asked us if we ever went what he calls ‘hotel hopping.’ The rest of the party said no, and he was like, “Let’s go.” So we followed him onto Bus 9 taking us to the Grand Floridian Hotel at Disney. From there, we just rode the monorails, went to Magic Kingdom, and jumped off there, went to the gates, then took a picture, and came back on the monorail into the final hotel.

The last hotel has 16 floors. From the very top floor, you can see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. It was around 10 PM and Paul and Braxton had to go, so Paul’s mom picked them up. Now it was only Jonathan, my brother, Sadat, and me. My brother went out to watch the fireworks and so it was just J and me on top of the 16th floor. We decided to put our pro photography skills to the test. We ended up messing around a bunch and taking random pictures, but J got some killer pictures of me. This was when I realized, in my 15 years of living, I’ve known him for longer than I’ve known anyone else, and I knew that I couldn’t lose him. He took a picture, and I looked at it, and I started dying in laughter. If you look at the picture below, you can see him taking the candid picture of me. Then he saw this, and he was on the floor laughing even harder than I was, and we couldn’t breathe.


After that picture, we had to go. My mom wanted me home before 12, and J’s mom wanted him home before 12, so we left at around 10:45. My brother and I got home at 11:30, both of us exhausted. Jonathan got home at around 11:50, and that’s what finished this wonderful night with my best friend.