Music and its Wonder

I’ve been playing Piano for 5 years and I always seem to forget the joy I get from it when I get so caught up in exams and my studies. Music truly is a beautiful thing that should be admired by everyone. It is not only a hobby that you do in your free time, it is also a passion and an art that inspires and makes you do great and revolutionary things. From experience, I can tell you that music has the power to take you to another world and make you forget your problems for an instant. Music can also help stimulate emotions and bring you up when your down.

I’ve learned a great deal of things from piano that have helped me develop as a person. One of those things is putting myself out there and present myself in front of a crowd of people, something I used to never be able to do. Music also helps develop your memorization and learning skills. Reading music is like reading a new language, and in piano you have to read two lines at the same time for both of your hands! After years of practice, however, you get the hang of it and you slowly realize that your memory and coordination skills improve. Music is just something that has brought some spice in my life and brings joy to many others.

Piano m8

Memorial Day 101

Most of us students know Memorial Day as simply a holiday and a way for us to get out of attending school for a day. In reality, this day has a much greater meaning. Memorial Day is an American holiday observed on the last Monday of May to honor the men and women who have died serving our country in the armed forces. General John A. Logan created “Decoration day” to commemorate the lost lives in the Civil War. As the U.S. took part in numerous other wars, the holiday was changed from solely commemorating soldiers from the Civil War to all the lost lives of all the wars U.S. soldier fought and died in. The name was also changed from “Decoration Day” to “Memorial Day.” Now that we know the historical significance behind Memorial Day, how do people celebrate this holiday throughout the country? Many American observe Memorial Day by having family gatherings, where they barbecue together, visiting cemeteries to honor lost loved ones, and participating in parades. Although my family is not one to have an extravagant celebration for Memorial Day, we make it a point to say a prayer for all the lost lives every Memorial Day. The specific way people observe Memorial Day varies throughout many families, but they all have one thing in common, a true reverence for souls who lost their lives for us in an effort to defend our nation.Memorial Day 101

Summertime in Orlando: An Invitation for Visitors


As school is ending and summer is just beginning, we Floridians start to see a peak in temperature and rainfall – as well as tourists from all over the world. It’s always wonderful to have visitors at our place, and this weekend we had guests from India stay with us for a bit. My mom’s cousin came to visit us with her family, and it was really nice – since I had never met her kids. I was thrilled to find out that their daughter, Khushi (meaning happiness!) was about as old as I; We could discuss a lot together. I quickly introduced myself to her, while my brother became acquainted with their son, Shlok. Talking to Khushi made me realize how different life in India is for the typical teenager, compared to here in the United States.

After we had dinner, I started to talk to Khushi about their travel plans. Since their family was staying at the Disney Resort, they only stayed with us for one night, but I was able to suggest some of the best attractions in the places they planned to visit. Yesterday, they visited the Kennedy Space Center, and upon returning, Khushi was thrilled to talk about her day. It made me realize that Florida is not all about theme parks – but also nature, science, and history. We sometimes take these other places in Orlando for granted, when they actually have a lot to offer and teach us. Our guests left yesterday after having dinner with us to return to their resort, and prepare for the next few days – when they will be visiting some of the theme parks. I hope they have a wonderful time, and I am looking forward to talking to Khushi again about her experiences.

A Little Taste of Growing Up

Growing up is such a bittersweet thing that every one of us encounter day by day. There is one day each year that highlights this bittersweet feeling when we celebrate the day we were born. It marks the passing of another year of life; it is also simultaneously a time of reflection and of looking forward to the future and milestones on the horizon. The most poignant of these is probably the day you turn 18. It is the coming of age birthday. You finally achieve recognition as an adult but haven’t just yet shed the innocence of earlier teenage years. It is a pivotal time and an exciting one.

photo (45)

I got to celebrate my sister, Alissa’s coming of age yesterday, March 6, 2015. It truly marks the beginning of her life and it saddens me that one day she won’t live with me because of the fact that she’ll be off to college living her life. With the scary responsibilities that come with turning 18, I don’t know how she’s keeping it all together. With her turning of age, Alissa  decided to spend it at Cafe Tutu Tango, because of the amazing food and the flamenco dancers. It was a night to remember and I’m glad I got to spend every second of it with her and see what she has made of herself for the past 18 years.

Moments That Can’t be Described

Photo taken By Briana M. (Color guard Captain )
Winter Guard, WGI Feb 28- March 1, 2015.

There’s a feeling where everyone has once they found their true passion, and I’ve founded mine. Since the beginning of my high school, as a freshmen, I join the marching band. Not as a band member that play musical instruments but as a Color guard member who shows performance to the audiences. As a color guard, we treat each others as a family, and always love each other, even if we can be annoying at times. There’s so many great things about color guard that brings the person inside of you out. For instance, we don’t judge you if you are good or not because we always work things out together, which makes you feel alive and be who you are, not those who want you to be someone else.

The thing about color guard is that there’s two season, the marching band and Winter guard, which means you can perform even more and improve your progress on flags, rifles, sabers, and even dancing. Honestly the greatest thing about color guard is when the whole team is performing to the audiences, and if you love to perform, winter guard is the one for you. Despite of the many tears and hardships coming through the challenges of the work, even the little bits of sweat counts in the end because you know you have make a humongous improvement since the first day of touching the flag pole.

Last Day of Competition.
Marching Season 2013

Not only does Color guard makes you feel alive when you perform to the audiences, joining color guard helps you reliefs stress of school, work, or even family problems. Although Color guard is very time-consuming, it’s the fact of performing and the the urge of wanting more makes me stay. Also, the friendships, where you make new friends and reunite with old friends is something to enjoy. Even though some people quit marching band or winter guard because it was too much to handle or money problem, Color guard makes me feel I have a purpose to look forward to something which made me want to stay. Color guard is a club (extra curricular) that has challenges, adventure, learning, and also help you with time management.

Marching season 2013
After Football Game during Marching Season 2013.

Even though people say color guard isn’t a “sport”, its like saying men and women aren’t the same. We, as a color guard, does the same thing as other sports, we warm up, we run, and other things. Color guard is a sport, and I love it, it makes me feel alive and needed. When there’s no one, color guard is always there for me. There’s moment that can’t be describe how I feel when I see other color guards perform, like a little passion in you, it makes you have the urge to have something more.

March 2, 2015

It’s Pageant Season!

It was a close call this time. I almost forgot to do this!

     This is the time of the year where life gets pretty crazy. Quarter 2 grades come to a close, a new year awaits, and pageants take off at full speed. Now, I’m not going to go into great detail, but pageants are time consuming. For me, the past three days have been absolutely crazy. I had to walk a 40 foot long runway in 6 inch heels, smile until my cheeks started to twitch, and answer the question, If you were President of the United States of America for one hour and had a press conference, what would you talk about?, on the spot in front of an audience and panel of judges. It’s a lot more stressful than it seems.

     I think it’s safe to say that I did well. I placed Top 8 and won Talent and Spokesmodel. Determination is all it really takes. One day all the pieces will come together.

*Future Miss America’s Outstanding Teen*

It sounds highly unlikely, but I’m going to work for it.

photo (6)

Tired eyes and midnight skies

New York doesn’t just happen.

Some would say that it plays out along the years; suffering from low blows and high highs and other things that make one sound smart; sophisticated even.

I don’t agree.

It seemed to me that the very thought of a place like this was spiraled out of the mind of a crazy, wreck less person.

Because the energy seemed to flow from my veins and thread itself in my blood, it painted itself in the color of my eyes, in the syllables of my words.

The lights shone with fierce determination to blind me. And I sore I was blind, deprived of my senses because the city was a whirl wind to me.

I liked that New York didn’t seem to judge. That the people didn’t care who you were or what you wore or the way you walked.

It was nice to live without an identity.

But most of all I liked walking till four in the morning and eating pizza with pasta on it. I liked that Time Square didn’t close after midnight and I liked going places just because I could.

At home we gaze upon the stars because we believe that they are the only things alive but in New York the constellations seem to gaze upon us.

New York the city filled with misfits and drop-outs, tired eyes and midnight skies, the loved and the love-less.

I was there last week.

I wish I still was.

The Festival of Lights…. To Light Up Our Lives!


Holiday season is about to begin in the Western hemisphere…but for all Indians, it has already begun – with a blast! Diwali is always a big deal to Indian families… whether in India or not, and it defines our culture by displaying the values of good deeds through the display of the victory of good over evil – a story told in the Ramayana. The festival celebrates good over evil as lord Ram returns to his home after 14 years of exile, defeating the evil. Not only does it teach us these values, but it offers us an excuse to stuff ourselves with delicious Indian sweets – ranging from complete liquid to solid balls of sugar….guaranteed to satisfy any taste buds! After all, food is the best part about ANY indian celebration!

Our Diwali celebration at the Kapoor residence started the Saturday before the twenty-third (Diwali Day). The celebrations kicked off with a puja, a formal prayer, in which we thanked our gods for all we had, and invited them to our house. We had the company of a huge number of friends and family, who also joined the prayer with us. Followed by that, we all gathered in a circle and sang traditional, cultural songs, and for the first time, I sang too. The rest of the night was all chatting and chewing – gobbling up our favorite foods with fried bread and delicious desserts such as ladoos (basically balls of sugar), rasgullas (basically white balls of sugar – soaked in syrup), and kaju barfis (soft diamonds made of cashew nuts – with shiny, edible foil! – so shiny and geometrical that they could probably be used as jewelry. Ah.. reminds me of those kindergarten edible bead necklaces).

The Diwali function at our place was a success – and we awaited the actual Diwali day eagerly – where we could fill the house with beautiful lights, candles (what we call diyas!), and once again – eat. Coincidently, yesterday (Diwali), happened to be the start of a four-day weekend (double the fun!), and for the first time (in like, forever), I could enjoy with my family without stressing out over work (IB life…yay..). In the evening, we performed the traditional cleaning of our house – and then went over to a family friends’ place for a delicious Diwali dinner.

Today, I am just reflecting back on these past few days, and how fun they were – wondering how Diwali was for all my family and friends in India. From what I heard, they had a blast – and made one too – with all the fireworks they set off. Every year, Diwali turns out to be the best holiday, and puts me in the holiday mood – and after it passes – it always leaves me nostalgic, yet eager for another year to bring another Diwali.

Pumpkins, Turkeys, & Trees!

This is one of those times where I longingly wish for snow here in the Sunshine state… *Sigh*

Hello everyone! Today’s my day to bore you with my musings, and today’s topic would touch upon the closeness of the holiday seasons.

I don’t know about you guys, but there’s just something about the holiday seasons that charges the air with merriment and joy. All the flurry of festivities coming up in the next 2 months gives me something to hope for and be happy about; even the temperatures  have started to dip here and there, truly giving us Floridians a whole new kind of atmosphere and feel during this time of the year. After months of high 80-somethings, our sweat has finally cooled, and now it’s time to breathe in the chilly air of Fall and Winter. We also now have the rare opportunity to put on our “winter” clothes, such as sweaters and scarves though the temperatures drop at only 60 degrees–to us Floridians that’s a big deal!

Just around last week when the temperature have noticeably dropped, I remember coming out of first period and looking at fog blanketing Cypress Creek. It was such a sight to behold that it even brought a slight spring to my step and lifted my mood. Just that small shift of weather released feelings within me I haven’t felt in a while–wonder, awe, and genuine enthusiasm for the coming weeks ahead.

I guess ladies and gentlemen, what I’m trying to say is that I’m very much in love with the holiday seasons. The changes it brings, the traditions, and cherished memories I have of it–all are priceless. Friends and families come a little closer, festive songs are sung, delicious foods are cooked, bright lights twinkle in every corner, gifts are given and opened…I can go on forever! But I won’t since many of you guys probably haven’t reached this far in my post anyway. 

If you have reached this far, please feel free to share your own thoughts about the holiday seasons! What kind of special memories and feelings do you have during this time of the year? Share below, and thank you guys for reading my post!

“It’s The Most Wonderful Time
It’s The Most Wonderful Time
It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”


NO Light

“Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.”

                                                                                 – Edgar Allan Poe


It’s getting late and everything is pitch black except the hallway. After brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed, she closes the bathroom door. All day she felt like something was stalking her; watching her from the shadows of the corners. The kids were out with the husband and she has the house all to herself. All she wants is a good night sleep. After closing the bathroom door she headed to her bedroom and turned off the hallway light. She took one last glimpse of the hallway and she noticed a figure in the darkness. It can’t be, she’s by herself. No one should be in  the house. She turns the light back on and sees that the figure is gone. She’s confused so she turns it back off and right then and there the figure pops up again. She can’t believe her eyes, this can’t be happening. She takes a closer look and she sees that the figure resembles a female type structure. It seem to be staring right back at her but she can’t make out the face. She keeps flicking the lights, trying to grasp a hold of the reality. Then suddenly, the figure popped up right in front of her like daisies in spring. She quickly turns the light back on and the figure disappears. She’s scared out of her mind and decides to keep the lights on. She grabs the duck tape out of her drawer and tapes the hallway light switch on. After, she realizes that maybe it’s her mind playing with her and all she needs is a good night sleep. She leaves the door halfway open to check on the hallway from her bed, turns off the light in her bedroom and crawls into bed with the lamp still on. As she closes her eyes, she can’t help but feel like something is wrong. Then suddenly she hears the tape from the hallway light switch being slowly peeled off. She opens her eyes, too afraid to even get out of her bed and watches the door to the hallway. After a few minutes, the lights shut off and sounds of footsteps surround her bedroom door. Out of fear, she leaps under the blanket and closers her eyes. Everything is dead silent and she can’t help it. She opens her eyes. She tries to take a little peek out of her blanket to check her surroundings.  All she’s sees is a very dark hallway and a fully open door. She leaps back and shuts her eyes. She notices the lamp flickering and makes a small hole in the blanket and tries to grasp the extension cable. She wants to make sure that the cable in tightly in so the lamp does go dark too. After a little struggle, she finally puts it in and jumps back to her cave. SHe clutches for her insanity and braces for impact. Expecting the worse, all she hears is a switch. She opens her eyes and peeks out of the blanket and sees that the hallway light is back on. She pops her head out of the blanket and a sigh of relief is let out. She looks around and starts to smile. It was all in her mind, nothing to worry about. Until she looked to the lamp and sees a girl with jagged teeth and all white eye. Before she could let out a scream, the figure smiles and turns off the lights.