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A Slice of Time Management

It wasn’t just any ordinary Saturday, it was October 3, 2015. It was my mom’s birthday. It also was October 3, 2015. It was the day of the band rehearsathon. Instead of spending the day with my mother, I had to stay at the school from 9am to 9pm.

I woke up before my mother that day. I never said goodbye. I got home late, and she was already asleep. In spite of that, the next day was full of promise. My mom didn’t have to go to work and I didn’t have rehearsal. We spent the day together and celebrated her birthday with cake!


Are You Ready for Football?: Previewing the Euros 2016


The UEFA European Championship is one of  the most highly anticipated football tournaments worldwide. This competition sends twenty-four European national teams head-to-head to battle for supremacy in European football. These twenty-four teams qualified over twenty-nine other teams in the preliminary rounds. A drawing placed the competing nations into six groups of four teams each. There are multiple rounds of matches before the top two teams face-off in the final. These include the round of 16 knockout phase, quarter-finals, and semi-finals that add up to a total of fifty-one games.

     There are many on-going arguments over which team will come out on top. Spain is the two-time reigning champ of European football. Even with their recent World Cup disappoint, many have placed bets on a third win. Others believe that the 2014 World Cup champions, Germany, will win this tournament. However, some argue that the golden age of the German national team has passed because key players like Miroslav Klose retired from international football and the rest of the squad is aging. Other highly regarded teams include England and Portugal. Will the favorites take the title or will there be a dark horse that rises to challenge them? The only way to find out is to tune into the final on July 10th next summer!




Charger crisis


For those who have iPhones, don’t you hate when your charger breaks? You desperately look for a replacement and sure enough you find out at the convenient store (walgreens) for just 5 dollars. At the Apple Store it’s 15. The only problem is that the one at the convenient store isn’t Apple brand. You don’t know if it’ll work the same. Worth the risk? Here’s what I discovered.

After looking through some research, I have discovered that really you’re better off going to the Apple Store and swallowing the 15 dollar charge. The only benefit of the convenient store (Walgreens) charger is that it’s cheaper, 1/3 of the cost. Other than that, the convenient store (Walgreens) charger falls well short. The chargers have just a 1* review rating on their own website (, and are said not to last long on any website I have seen. From personal experience I have noticed that the off brand chargers even get denied by your phone after awhile and your phone will display (this is not a certified charger) and it’ll stop charging. You’ll only end up back to where you began, no charger. To top it all off, Apple actually offers replace chargers if your charger breaks. So the Apple brand iPhone charger is definitely superior!

A Camping Trip

Noah’s Camping Trip

Last weekend I went on a camping trip with my Boy Scout troop. We went to Highland’s Hammock, a peninsula connected to the mainland by a thin stretch of land. Highland’s Hammock is a primitive camping area meaning there is no running water or electricity. While there, we only had the clothes on our backs, sleeping bags, and matches. While there we had to build our own shelters, boil water to make it drinkable, and catch our  own food.

The activities we partook in were meant to contribute to our survival skills and  to teach new recruits what Boy Scouts was all about. While new boys were earning their fishing merit badges (After I was done instructing them.), me and the more experienced boys went on a nature hike. We experienced the surrounding area’s wildlife while building camaraderie amongst ourselves. The only problem that arose was the rain which seeped through less sturdily built shelters, and those whose shelters withstood the rain helped the occupants of those shelters. All in all, the campout was a success and a blast .IMG_0070

Changing for the Better

I procrastinate a lot.. Like really badly. I mean of course a lot of people do. You wouldn’t believe how bad it can be sometimes. I mean sometimes it’s not too bad and doesn’t take too much time, but sometimes it can be very time consuming and stressful. This went on for a while because I was very lazy and didn’t do much to help my grades. I always got my work done, but end up losing sleep.

Something I’m starting to overcome this year is my habit of procrastination! I have been doing a lot better and I hope to improve even more over time because having free time is one of the best things and being more efficient in my work habits can help me obtain that. Having that extra time I can use to sleep or study or just relax.


On the Sidelines with Pit!

Thursday October 15th, 2015

I like to think of myself as the caretaker of nine children. Each of them have their own colorful personality and are all different ages and races. Presenting my family; the Cypress Creek Marching Band Front Ensemble. We spend more than 15 hours a week with one another, bleeding and sweating the music we play. However, today’s four hour rehearsal was different than the rest.

On Saturday, we perform at our first competition: University Classic. That being said, this is one of our last rehearsals before the big day. The staff, the director and the students rehearsed and marched in the 80 degree heat for hours on end. The Front Ensemble was no different. Playing sixteenths at tempo 160 beats per minute, lifting and pushing 75-150 pound instruments all across campus and melting in the Florida heat are just some of the things we do on a daily basis. Since the competition is right around the corner, my section and I did all that and then some, cramming in before the metaphorical test in front of judges on Saturday.20151014_171448

Snapchat VS. Instagram


Two of the greatest photo and video sharing apps in all of social media, but which is better? Both apps provide a great deal of entertainment and connection of people. In both apps, you can snap photos, record short videos, and add filters. In a recent update, Snapchat completely changed the game with face-reading filters that allow users to add silly and funny faces to their snaps. In my opinion, this new update is a fun option for everyone. Snapchat also allows users to draw on their snaps with a wide array of colors. One of the features that Snapchat was most famous for was the ability for users to control how long a viewer could see their snap. This sets it apart from Instagram where everything can be viewed for longer than a short 10 seconds. However, many people take a fun advantage over the timer and use it to send hilariously embarrassing selfies.

For instagram, you can easily comment and like pictures. In Snapchat, there is no feature like this. Commenting and liking pictures helps connect users and leave room for longer conversations. Another bonus in Instagram is that you can edit your photos in detail and even use hashtags which groups photos. Hashtags are useful when users are trying to find a certain topic and they are also good for campaigns and spreading trends.

In my opinion, I believe that Snapchat is a better app because of its higher entertainment value and simple and quick overall features.

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The big question

there comes a point in your life where you start to put the barbie dolls and toy cars down and suddenly your life is behind a screen. None of the kiddy stuff seem to interest you anymore and something else catches your eyes. A new bright, and shiney laptop! Now you’re sitting down with your parents making the hardest decision of your life… Do you want a 12-in Macbook or a Pro Surface 3? Now a days this is the biggest rivalry between technology and you have to pick one side, which one do you choose? Not only is this the most important and nerve wrecking decision ever but also creates boundaries between you.. and the opposing side.

The biggest competition between technology right now would be Windows vs. Apple and their amazing laptops the 12-in Macbook and Pro Surface 3. The Pro Surface 3 is smaller and easier to carry than a Macbook. Not only can you detach the keyboard from the screen, now giving you a tablet. But! It is also touch screen saving you all the extra noise and tippy tappy of the keyboard. The Macbook storage only comes in 256gb or 512gb, while the Pro Surface comes in 64gb, 128gb, 256gb, AND 512gb giving you the choice to choose between whatever storage is enough for you! The camera for a Macbook is 450p and only with a front camera, while the Pro Surface front camera is 5MP front AND the back camera which is 5MP! The price varies but a Macbook $1,300 while the Surface Pro is only $930. Well what are you waiting for? Go to the store right now and get yourself a Pro Surface 3!


In the Bri-ze

I had just gotten home when my best friend texted me saying she had arrived. I rushed outside and embraced her. She dropped her stuff off in my room and our sleepover had begun. We walked outside and decided to go on a photo-shoot adventure with her new camera. Exploring my neighborhood, I found an open field next to a lake. My best friend slipped into a professional photographer act and told me what to do. It was a crisp afternoon with the sun shining right into my eyes. She told me to jump in the air to represent my happiness. So, I did.

She captured the moment with just a click of a button. The second that I was separated from my shadow was held in an electronic device. The space of time between my hands touching the clouds and gravity pulling me back down to the Earth engulfed me. The second of eternity blessed my soul and took over my life. Life isn’t about your destination, it is about the journey. In mid-air, fresh oxygen filled my lungs and the wind blew through my hair while I enjoyed the positive vibes in life.


Feelin' the Bri-ze
Feelin’ the Bri-ze


What’s the hype about gel pens?

As an Ib student, I can personally say that I take my presentation very seriously. I’m constantly writing things every single moment of the day. What makes writing such a breeze are these gel pens. I used to buy those $1 pack of 12 pens but I never seemed as excited to write as I am with these. These pens come in a variety of colors including, (my personal favorite) black, green, red, blue, purple, pink, turquoise, really any color you can imagine.

What I think is great about these pens is that they also come in a variety of different point sizes. The pens create a smooth and crisp touch to your handwriting. Also, these pens have a rubber finger grip that provides great support for your fingers especially when writing those long IB essays. The contouring of the grip perfectly adjusts to any finger shape. I definitely recommend investing in these gel pens. You will never want to use another pen again. You can find these at your local Target, Walmart or any drugstore near you.

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