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Classroom Blogging Basics

Hello my favorite students !

I love that you are taking on the challenge to blog as part of your independent study points project. You choose what you write. You might write a slice of life story.

sol-graphic-11-how to
from Two Writing Teachers

A slice life is exactly what it sounds like, a short narrative that shares a story about an ordinary person’s life. These ordinary moments, in the telling and sharing, become extraordinary!

You might write a spoken word poem or a poem. You might share a short review of a book you are reading or of an event you attended. You might draw and write a description about your art-making process. You could write up a product review or an editorial on a current school issue (no politics please). Choose subjects that are school appropriate as this blog will reflect our lives as they relate to school.

Your posts should include:

  • at least two well-developed paragraphs or a final draft of a poem which includes a central image and a literary device (We talk about form and length if you need more specifics.)
  • a picture; if the picture is not one you took, you should cite the source of the image in a caption

Of course, your posts can be longer than that, but keep in mind the length of typical blog posts. If you are interested in blogging on our class blog, please fill out this Google form and I will give you contributor rights.

Happy Blogging!

Mrs. Spillane