Paper, Glue, and a Huge Mess

By Marianella


Lately I’ve been working on human figures with paper, as a class assignment. So I decided to challenge myself and make two figures. It has proven to be very time-consuming and anger-inducing. Even then, one must prevail and conquer such things.

Then came the mess. For one of the figures it is supposed to have a hole in its chest, the problem was that I would now need to cut-out dried paper mâché. Which now that I think about it, using a drill would of been much easier, but it would not have an organic feel to the hole. So, I used an X-Acto knife to dig it out, which was very nerve-racking. That wasn’t even half the mess this assignment caused. Glue starts to get everywhere, the paper starts to limp and not stick. At one point I even got glue on my face, which was not very pleasant.

It was a pain to wait for the glue to dry as well. There was a moment when I started one of the figures and I had done everything except the arms, on one go. I spent the rest of the day checking on the figure to make sure it would stay standing. Also, making joints is harder than I thought. The standing figure looks like it’s wearing pants because of its bulky joints. Though, despite all the challenges, I finished the project and throughout the process, I received a lot of positive comments when I would take my pieces to class. So I’m glad that my classmates seem to like my work.



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