Ever since I can remember, I have always begged for a dog. I begged for a dog for Christmas, I begged for a dog for Three Kings Day, and I begged for a dog on my birthday, especially. I never had a dog before and all of my friends seemed to have one. My mom’s excuse for not adopting a dog was that she was afraid she would take care it all by herself. My dad’s excuse was that he was “allergic” and that I should just listen to my mom. He wasn’t actually allergic to animals. So years and years went by with me being dogless. 😦

Fast forward to the year 2014, my mom changed her mind. She finally agreed to adopting a dog. The only problem was that she didn’t discuss it with my dad yet. It took a couple of months for my dad to eventually change his mind but he did. I felt like I finally was getting things to go my way.

We went on the SouthEast Beagle Rescue website because my dad wanted a beagle. We saw Berkley’s picture and instantly fell in love. We called them and someone drove to our house and dropped off Berkley. We adopted him November 18th, 2014 and have been loving him ever since.

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