Corn Line

by Kevin, period 7Need

It’s 1 AM, I am in California on some shady street in Los Angeles during winter break, and my cousin and I are hungry. We were walking around and then we stumble a big long line in a parking lot, so we went to visit, thinking it was a fight or something. But to our surprise, it was a corn stand. So we stood in the long line, waiting for our corn. While we were waiting for our corn, we heard many things that were happening in the community like yelling and sirens.


When we got to the corn man, we ordered 3 corn bowls and a corn on the cob. The man was so friendly, we talked and he told us that he had this business going on for 20+ years and this was just his side job. When he made our corn bowls he put so many corns in our bowl and cheese on it with lime, mayonnaise and hot sauce.

kevin corn

When we got our corn bowls and corn on the cob together, the final price was only $8. The corn tasted amazing and fresh but the only downside was we waiting one hour for our food, the cheese smelled like farts and there were many incidents happening around us. But in the end, all that it matters is that we got our corn and had a great time making memories that will last for a while.

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