A Delicious Treat


by Angelouise, period 4

It was a normal summery day when I met with Florida’s scorching rays. It kissed my not so fair complexion and bronzed it while I had the most excessive type of migraine over what Floridians call “normal winter weather”. I had become frustrated over the members of my family as they carried a stupendous amount of shopping bags that were labeled half off. I had become infuriated at the sight of my parents desiring to go to more stores. I could feel the the muscles of my face tighten, the front ends of my eyebrows coming closer to one another, and my dimples lessen and fade away as the minutes passed. It was mid-day and eighty-nine degrees fahrenheit in the middle of the month of December.

We finally decided to rest in an area that sold my favorite type of snack:rocky road ice cream.  My dimples and smile grew bigger as I daydreamed of the smooth cloud-like marshmallow bits, the crunchy honey roasted peanuts, and the creamy rich texture of chocolate ice cream. As my mama handed me the snack, my heart skipped a beat and it was as if I had found my one true love in centuries time.

Despite starting my day in a troubled and distressed attitude, contradictory to my normal self most days, my love for ice cream(and a majority of other foods) taught me that not being able to resolve all your frustrations, such as Florida weather, is kind of what makes life this unpredictable story that you get to get star in as yourself.


Also, you should always remember to stop and enjoy the simple things in life such as rocky road ice cream!

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