Apple vs. HP

One of the biggest divisions in the world of technology today is between Apple and PC. These groups have had a strong rivalry for years, but which is really the best? By comparing the MacBook Pro and the HP Envy, I intend to find out. A new MacBook costs $1299 according to the official Apple website. This product features a nine hour battery, wireless connectivity, and Force Touch; a new interactive capability that allows you to use the amount of pressure on the track pad to use more features. Many people support Apple for its good customer support and extremely light and portable products, however they are extremely expensive and many feel the brand is overrated.

In contrast, the HP Envy is much more affordable, about $899 new according to the official HP website. This product features a large storage capacity, a great sound system, and a nine and a half hour battery life. HP uses Windows, the most commonly used platform in the world and it has more software available than any other platform. However, PC’s are more prone to viruses and security issues. In the end, the better product really depends on your needs. If you want to invest in a secure, user-friendly product, then the Macbook is a good choice; but if you just need an inexpensive way to communicate and share your ideas, then HP is the one for you.


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