iPad Pro VS. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

September 9th, 2015; The iPad Pro is unveiled and shown off to the world. As I looked on, one thought kept circling around. “Can’t the Surface do that?” Like Apple’s business investors, I was mostly not impressed by the iPad Pro. That’s not to say that there were some cool and technologically interesting features, it’s just that this didn’t feel new or innovative, like Apple usually is.

Touching upon those new features I mentioned earlier, the iPad Air does have a lot of cool ones. It is fast and powerful, runs the new iOS 9, adds in the Touch ID button, and the ability to run 2 different apps side-by-side. Surprisingly, it still retains the 10 hour battery life of previous iPads and still uses a Retina display, albeit much bigger than before. For the first time, it also comes with a keyboard.

However, there’s another device that is very much like that. That device would be the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft’s tablet offering.  Since it is, in a technical sense, a “computer”, it is able to run Windows 7, 8, and 10. Because of this, the iPad Pro just seems like a ripoff of the Surface. The ability to run 2 different apps at the same time on iOS 9 is rather weak in comparison to being able to open several Chrome tabs, a calculator, a word processor, a spreadsheet maker, and a digital distribution app on Windows 7, 8, or 10. It has been claimed that it can run for 9 hours. It has a screen that is just as big as the iPad Pro’s screen. It can accept USB drives, SD Cards, and has a kickstand built into the device to boot. However, the real kicker here is the price.

The cheapest model of iPad Pro is priced at $799 for the 32 GB memory model. The cheapest model of the Surface Pro 3 is also $799 but has 64 GB of storage memory.

In conclusion, I’d strongly recommend the Surface Pro 3. It’s an iPad Pro. But with USB slots.

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