Fruits versus Vipers

Fruits versus vipers like sweets versus snipers. It’s currently late at night and your feeling weak, the serpent’s tail rattles as its dreadful tongue speaks. Fruits help one grow strong and survive very, very long; snipers shoot you when you’re weak and you’re tongue too dumb to speak.

Snake: Oh, you seem very tired, you should really get to bed. Just remember that woman you saw today that had you going nuts in your head. She glanced at you and smiles as her sugar lips glowed red. Too bad you let her go because she looked really attractive. There are other methods that can make you feel happier than you are now.

Me: I’m feeling kind of tired so I think I’ll go to bed…

Snake: You know you want to see it. A little vice can give you joy. Just a few minutes will do no harm.

Me: Well it sounds nice, but what if I go more than twice. I don’t want to get caught in an addiction.

Snake: You’ll be fine, just take a little peek. No need for her when the internet has a lot more women. You’ll have fun, just trust me on this. There is no need to be a coward, the intemperance can leave quicker, just pop onto the internet and enjoy what you see.

Me: Well I guess just for a few minutes. Nothing too long because it may just get serious.

Snake: Yes my friend just surf the internet for a few more minutes, you’re not weak for seeing these lovelies, but you’re weak to follow the light.

Me: *About to indulge in destructive vices*

(Enters my conscience)

Conscience: Do you really want to stop this low to satisfy a temporary feeling that’s here now, gone tomorrow, Dan?

Me: Well not really, but what else can I do, I feel hopeless?

Conscience: Make the right choice and wait to satisfy any desires you have during marriage. Don’t make the wrong choice and watch those falsely modified images.

Snake: Oh Dan you weakling, don’t listen to your “guide,” just being less strict won’t harm your marriage life.

Conscience: Be stronger than temptation because the wicked will see their end. You just have to wait patiently for your blessing that lies up ahead.

Snake: No you wretched human! Have a little more pleasure not fruits that take so long to savor.

Me: That’s enough you wicked beast, leave me alone to live in peace. As I go to sleep another night I thank my God for having shown me His graceful light.

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