Somebody Has to Say It – The Growing Anxiety

Along with the growing pressure from students with finals coming up that determines a portion of their overall grades, the stress and anxiety of teachers can also be shown in many different perspectives.
With the year almost coming to an end, I see a similar resemblance of behavior to all the teachers in Kohl berg’s conventional stage of moral development where one must obey rules and meet society’s standards.
which includes the fear of a dean walking in…While watching a movie…kind of like the classic “boss walks in while you aren’t working”

Today a teacher(no names) explained that the demands of society’s views and expectations from deans includes sending them daily lesson plans in order for the government/state(seriously? i have no idea) to keep track of whats going on in classrooms.
To be honest, from a student’s point of view I never even look at the board for learning goals or benchmarks (except chemistry cause we’re expected to copy them down every day). Most of my homework comes from verbal reminders from teachers.
I can’t see a future where my kids will be in a classroom that is filled with future technologies with daily reminders of lesson plans written all over their faces.
Whoever came up with the idea of lesson plans were obviously looking at education from an elementary-middle school point of view. In today’s AP and IB classes such as World history or Psychology…Well lets just say if you didn’t know what you’re learning then you shouldn’t be in that class in the first place.

I heard rumors of many teachers quitting, saying its not worth it anymore. Although I’m not a teacher or anything, I know that it takes even more time grading tests and making detailed lesson plans regardless of how long they’ve been teaching compared to maybe 15min-1hour homework from each class every day.
Many of my teachers emphasize it takes forever to meet state standards for every subject. This is even considering that some teachers teach MULTIPLE subjects and require lesson plans for each. Totally Unfair.

Therefore, in my view I believe that we should get rid of requirements to TURNING IN lesson plans however must KEEP making lesson plans… Does it help students? Who knows…but it surely doesn’t help ME
As hard as lesson planning is, most teachers wouldn’t want to teach without them. The plans take the pressure off when they are standing in front of the classroom. It also helps the teachers teach the subject better. But forcing them to write it down clearly and ENGAGING for the higher ups is seriously wrong.
Every teacher should have their own instructions for the lesson whether physical or mental. It helps them when they teach the class. The rest is random gibberish that are formal with deans telling you that they need evidence that you know what you are teaching.

-I believe teachers should have free time at home considering time that should be spent with the family rather than guides and standards.
I think lesson plans should be for the benefit of the teachers for them to teach, but I guess in today’s society it’s hard to say there isn’t a bad teacher around… therefore why they’re enforcing lesson plans.
Something is obviously wrong with the education system if lesson planning and turning it in takes longer then Schinleber CHARTS.

Some funny signs I’m aware of..Lesson planning can’t be written throughout the school day. If they do, most teachers are distracted by all the worries of the day, writing them more for their boss than the students themselves, making the lesson plans virtually useless.
Even sometimes as students, we get absolutely free days where we do absolutely nothing in class except work from other classes as teachers are trying to catch up with their lesson plan schedules and due dates.
Yes, I understand lesson plans are required to help teachers teach
Yes, It’s supposedly used to help both the student and teacher.
And Yes, we don’t like lesson plans either.

This blog is not meant to offend any teacher but is my personal view of how the education system simply forces unnecessary work for a paycheck.

It’s sad to know that some teachers LOVE teaching but HATE planning.

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