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Tie Dye

Hey guys please forgive me that this is late but it’s May!!!! School is almost over and I think it’s time for a really long break. And before school ends we all know that tests, exams and EOCs/AP exams are coming up. Good luck to everyone who is taking the AP Environmental and Physiology Monday.So today in Ms. Spillane’s class we did something really really fun and I was looking forward to it the past few days. We were tie dying!!!!! This gloomy Friday morning I spent dying two of my white shirts in complete different sets of colors: one in school colors and one with all the colors of the rainbow. Well actually Elizabeth did the ones with the random colors. But a lot of things has happened before that…


I’ve been having this really bad cough and sinus congestion that didn’t let me talk for a few days and now that I’m getting my voice back it hurts soooo much. When I didn’t have my voice I couldn’t eat anything because my teeth hurt badly and I’ve spent a few days eating baby food. Yumm. But today my dad had texted me that I finally got a doctors appointment that afternoon at 4:15 and my sister at 4:30 for her sprained knee. Und ja das ist nicht gut. 

Not only that but tomorrow I have a regional championship for those who don’t know I compete in TKD across Florida and the US. So tomorrow I plan on working really hard and doing well. I went to my dojo and had trained three hours today. One hour was forms, the second hour was gymnastics for my form and the last hour was for my fighting and endurance. Talk about being tired.


I needed an escape. I need an escape from all the pressure faced in school, that the end of the year is so close yet so far. And I have to thank Ms. Spillane for giving me that little escape. This tie dying gave me so many ideas and I decided that once I was my school colored shirt tomorrow I’m going to buy glitter glue and write “2016 Gonzalez” on it. I plan on wearing that one to my ROTC competitions…. If I still have ROTC next year 😔.


So to contiune, I walked into Ms. Spillane’s class all excited about dying my shirt. Ask Lizzie she knows how excited I was. Then Elizabeth started to complain that her shirt didn’t look as good as mine do I told her I would buy her an entire tie dying kit just for her to use and dye as many shirts, bags, socks, underwear etc. as she wants. Then she said she loved me. (She is bae sorry guys lol). But honestly even with the bad weather, that really hard chemistry test (well jk I thought it was easy) and that Socratic in German, today was a really good day. I have to say the tie dye was the highlight of my day.


Finally I want to thank Andrew and Ms. Spillane for actually making this happen. Without the two of them we wouldn’t all be matching the day of our AP exam. And hopefully of we ever tie dye again everyone can participate and do it as the IB family we are. 


I hope that everyone has a great weekend. Stay safe and enjoy your tie dye shirts!!! ImageImage



F is for friends who do stuff together

U is for you and me

N is for anywhere anytime at all

down here in the deep blue sea


We al have that one friend that we know more about than ourselves and that one friend I have is my best friend, my ex boyfriend and the big brother I always wanted.

We met in the 5th grade at the karate school we go to. I was a higher belt but is little brother always ran up to me and gave me the biggest hugs ever. Then when we both went to middle school and were stuck in the same guitar class we ad to a least try to talk to each other. Tall (well everyone was taller than me), Brazilian, funny and really cute. Yup I had a crush on my best friend, or soon to be best friend, in the 6th grade. He sat next to me in 6th period trying to show off his not so good guitar skills but hey don’t all guys try to impress someone? Am I saying it was me, no, but someone. After a few months into the year on my way to P.E. he stopped me and said the famous words, “will you be my girlfriend?” Yes the one kid I got to mess with almost everyday at karate had asked me out. like a little crushing girl would always do, I said yes. he gave me a quick hug and we went into the locker room to change.

A few months later, more like 5,  we broke up because we both felt as if a relationship between two really good friends wouldn’t work out. We still kept in touch because the school ear still wasn’t over. At karate when we would have to fight, we would jut stand there and look at each other laughing, while our parents tell us to actually hit each other. He never did hit me. Then in 8th grade he met this girl and forgot all about me.

9th grade came and we managed to end up in the same German class. Great right? Well anyways we  were together for 364 days. Yup 1 day before a year. We stopped talking for a few months with fear of regretting it but lately we started to talk a lot. and he we are this very second making plans to go airsofting Saturday. Friends really do stick around


The whole big flashback is to only show my best friend has been with me through thick and thin, from left to right, as I have with him.

For all those who see this just comment your best friend’s, or best friends name.