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The Way I Spent My Weekend

Hello Monday people! First of all, I just wanted to say Happy Memorial Day!

Now to tell you guys my story. If you guys have read Adrielys’s blog from Friday, she mentioned us going to the beach together. I am here to tell you about our adventures 🙂

So on Friday when we arrived at the Seabreeze Resort in Daytona, our parents went out to buy some snacks so we had the room to ourselves! But we didn’t stay in the room. We decided to explore the hotel and go out to the beach. When they returned, we went out to dinner. The place we decided to eat was called Ponce Inlet, a famous restaurant in Daytona.

photo 2 (3)


And after that, we drove around Daytona Beach. The car ride was funny but also painful. Since we only took one car, we had to fit seven people in one car. So I ended up having to sit on Adrielys.
The next morning, we woke up early to get an early start on the beach. All day we relaxed at the beach. I played with my baby cousin, tanned with Adrielys, and went running. I even saw dolphins in the water and a dead shark in the sand. I must say, I got some color!

That night we went out to eat again. However, this time we didn’t know where to go and eat. So we drove around for about an hour just looking for a place to eat. This time though, the car was even more packed due to the fact that my older cousin stayed with us that night so we had to fit eight people into a car.

Sunday morning was our day to leave 😦 We packed up our bags and we were on our way. For breakfast we decided to go eat at IHOP. Yum! Then it was on the road again to head back home.

So for today, my family is hosting a barbecue for Memorial Day. My sister is coming from college 🙂 and my aunt, uncle, two cousins, and Adrielys and her family is coming over. We are going to have lots of food and a good time!




My Saturday Being Well Spent

Good morning Sunday people! So this time I’ve decided to write about how I spent my whole Saturday yesterday.

Saturday, April the 5th, the track team (including me) from Cypress Creek (Go Bears!) had a track meet in Daytona Beach and the place we went was Embry Riddle University.  It was a beautiful place and from what I heard, it was also an IB school.

We were to arrive at Cypress at 6 o’clock in the morning (early) and we were in Daytona by around 8:30 in the morning. Once we arrived there, the weather was decent. Not too hot and not too cold. One of my races, the 4×8, was the first race. However we ended up missing it because another girl in my 4×8 team spent too long tying her shoes and she was the first leg ( meaning she ran first) so we ended up missing that race. Yep, it was sad.

But as the day progressed, it got hot and sunny. In other words, I got really bad tan lines and it was hot the whole day. My second race, was the 1600 or the mile. I did fairly well on that race. I was predicted to come in 6th place and ended up coming in 3rd place out of 20 something girls. I also increased my PR (personal record) by 2 seconds!

After that race, I had a couple of hours until my other race. So I spent those couple of hours under our tent hanging out with the team or with my old coach from middle school and her two dogs (which were really cute and sorry I didn’t get any pictures). When I was hanging out with her, I ended up falling asleep and got a little burned on my face. Oops.

Finally, my next race came around at 4:45 and I was running the steeplechase. The steeplechase is 5 laps, or a mile and a quarter. However, you are running those 5 laps while jumping over a barrier at certain points throughout the lap and at one point, the barrier is followed by a pit of water. The deepest part of the pit is about 3 to 4 feet. But the key is jump off the barrier as far as you can so you don’t end up falling and the deepest part of the pit and having a difficult time running out of the water. Since this was my first time running this race, I had some difficulties on my first lap. Meaning, I fell and tripped in the deepest part during my first lap. Good thing is, the other laps I jumped far enough away from the deepest part! By the end of the race, I was exhausted from jumping over those barriers but it was a fun experience.


image (1)

(This is my other teammate, Amanda, and I at the water pit)

Then the rest of the day consisted of me waiting in the sun for the other events to end. Then after the track meet was over, the team went out for dinner (Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Subway’s) and we drove back home. On the way back home, we played music and singed very off tune and just enjoyed ourselves after the long day. We arrived back at Cypress at around 8:30 and the coaches were more than happy to send us home 😛

All in all, our team did very well. One of our long distance girls, Kayle, got first place in all of her events (the 3200 or 2 mile and the steeple chase) and some of our sprinters got first place as well.

So that is how I spent my whole Saturday. How did you guys spend yours?


Slice of Life

slice of life

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Hey guys! So I have no idea what to write about and I have been thinking about it all day. Then finally I figured out what I was going to write about. My inspiration came from one of the things that annoy me the most in my life: my dog, Nieko.

This year, my dog Nieko will be turning five years old. And I have to say, age really has caught up with him. I remember when we first got him and he used to play around all day and run around the house acting all cheerful. However, he now just mopes around the house and sleeps all day. (Something I  am jealous of to be honest).

One of the things that he does to annoy me the most is he wakes me up early on weekends. Before the appropriate time for me to be waking up, he loves to hop into my bed (since he sleeps in my room) and lick my face. It’s as if he is trying to say, “Wake up Analiese! I am doing this just to annoy you!”

Then I have to get out of bed, which is a lot of work, open the door to let him out my room, and hopefully go back to bed to get some more sleep. Sometimes, I even have to take him out to use the restroom. Which is another thing I have to do that annoys me. My excuse: humans don’t need to be taken out, so why can’t dogs take themselves out?!

However, I think there is a part of me that still secretly likes him. Sometimes I will see him up on the couch just laying there all cute and next thing you know, I am hugging him and being friendly towards him.

So I guess the moral of these story is that, even though Nieko may just be the #3 thing that annoys me in the world, I still care for him and somewhere deep down, love him.