Orange Juice

By Alec

It was a day like any other day at the school known as Cypress Creek. Fifth period had just ended and it was time to go to B lunch. After waiting for 432 hours in the lunch line for food, I sat down at the table that I always sat down at during lunch. At first, I was just partaking in thought-provoking conversation among the members of the table, something that any respectable citizen of society would do as well. But then, I noticed the several empty orange juice and milk cartons that were just sitting on the table like the stone heads on Easter Island. I tuned out of the table’s riveting discussion to take up a golden opportunity.

Now, I am known far and wide and across many lands for being an exquisite photographer, partaking in many abstract art pieces in my long and accomplished career. So, naturally, taking a picture of these empty cartons would be the golden opportunity to once again showcase art in its most true form. I read the writing on one of the orange juice cartons to myself. “Mr. J’s Choice. Don’t be a meal skipper! Shape your future with nutritious school meals!” I took a moment to really digest the magnitude of the words I had just read. Surely, this was a bold statement about the human condition, and the broken school system! This would surely make for one discerning piece of art that would really tell a message to my millions of fans. And then I took the picture and all was swell, subsequently rejoining back into the enthralling discussion taking place within my lunch table. IMG_4159[1].JPG

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