Color Run


March 2017

By Ingrid

Today was an exciting day for me. I was going to go participate at the Orlando Color run with two of my closest friends.

I got out of bed and followed my usual morning routine and then headed downstairs to get a quick breakfast. After eating, I waited for my friend, Alexa, to let me know when she got to my house since she was my ride.

When I finally received her text, I left my house and went to greet Alexa and her mother in the car. Alexa’s mom was kindly able to be my ride for today since neither of my parents were free and the three of us talked the whole way to the event destination.

When we finally arrived at the Color Run I was filled with excitement. I had never participated in an event such as the Color Run and I was thrilled to be there with my close friends. Alexa and I took many pictures while we waited for our other friend, Patricia.

When Patricia finally arrived Alexa and I were able to meet Patricia’s family, they were all very kind and fun to be around with for the day. As time to start approached, Patricia, Alexa, and I all took pictures at the color run. A few minutes later we get in line and everyone starts moving and the Color Run has officially begun.

As we walked and ran the three of us had a lot of fun. We took many videos of people throwing paint at us and we were all having a blast. The powder from the paint made it pretty difficult to breath and see but it was still so much fun.

Once we had reached the end I was sad that it was over. It was a lot of fun and to be surrounded by joy was amazing. I hope I will be able to experience this some other time.

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