Anthony Rios Slice of Life

The First Flight

It was finally time, the moment I’ve been waiting for for forever, my first time flying an airplane. I’ve always wanted to be a pilot since I was little or at least had a great interest in flying ever since i went to a navy base when I was little and saw all the jets and helicopters and got to step foot in a F-15 fighter jet. At that moment I was basically instantly hooked on flying. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time and I finally got the opportunity so I took it. It all goes back to my 15th bday when my dad got me flight lessons as a gift and later that week we went to the airport and took to the sky.


It was a bright sunny day and me and my dad where on our way to the airport to meet with the instructor. There we would get briefing on what exactly what we would do and where we would fly around to. We finished our briefing and went to do a preflight check to the plane to make sure we were good to go. As soon as we finished we got in the plane and the instructor almost immediately told me to taxi onto the run and get ready for take off. It was so crazy I actually got to do this all myself and as soon as we reached our speed for takeoff we were off. I took basically almost full control of the plane for most of the time as we flew over I-4 and got a good view of universal and all of the surrounding area on the main road. It was amazing finally being able to do something i wanted to do for so long.

Almost as soon as we started and took off we had to come back and land. The instructor guides me back to the airport and surprisingly he actually let me land myself but with his help of course. We touched down surprisingly well and parked back to where we had first started with a successful first flight. It had been a great time while it lasted and it was an amazing experience for me, that i did not want to end. As I keep going on to get my pilot’s license I’ll need to get many more hours which is great. It was finally great to fulfil a dream of mine that i’ve been waiting for for a long time.



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