Pokemon Gone


FullSizeRender 3.jpg

By Michael, period 7


It was the summer of 2016, July 16 to be specific. This was the period of time that the whole world was happily playing Pokemon Go, the new hip game that everybody and their mothers were playing. This game brought joy to me and many others for that period of time from July to August. It felt as if the whole world became united for a short term,I would actually go outside and talk to strangers. Yes, that’s right, I actually went outside and socialized because of this game, im sure im not the only one too, since everywhere you looked, there were people staring at their phones hunting these digital creatures.

Now Pokemon Go had these things called “Pokestops” and in places that had a high concentration of people like downtown areas, the piers of beaches and amusement parks and things like that, there were TONS and I mean TONS of Pokestops and people. Since there were so many Pokestops, there were also many Pokemons that spawned.

So since it was summer and Pokemon go came out, it could have meant only one thing for my friends and I… we went Pokemon hunting. From down in Miami Beach, all the way up to Charleston North Carolina, we would be hunting for these Pokemon. It was truly a happy time of my life… then school started again and the game just started dying and yeah that’s pretty much it. I still have the game installed on my phone because it has sentimental value, but I haven’t touched it since last year. R.I.P Pokemon Go: 2016-2016


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