Little One

by Osaya


Frequently enough throughout the course of one’s time, you have an older sibling being the hero and role model to the younger sibling(s), providing wisdom and protection to them as many times as it may be deemed so. On the first day of March, the tables turned, and I was the one needing the protection and love from my younger sister. It was the day that my sister was diagnosed with cancer. It was the news that shattered my heart into pieces and my mind couldn’t even fathom how such a thing could be happening.

Staying strong was and till this day is the only option that I could continue to have, but seeing your 13 year old sister look so fragile and so unlike herself made it impossible to do sometimes. As my sister told me the news I knew she could tell that I wasn’t okay and she immediately hugged me telling me, “It’s okay. I’m gonna be okay. Everything happens for a reason and although this may seem like the worst thing to happen everything will come into place with time.” With those words I instantly felt gratitude and wiped away my tears as quickly as they came. “I love you little one,” I whispered softly.


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