Early Christmas Miracle

by Sunayana, Period 7


My family and I stayed at Yosemite National Park for the past few days embracing the mountains, the freezing weather, and nature. It was an experience that I would never forget. Now it was time to say farewell. Everyone was crammed in the car ready for the long drive back down the mountains. I glimpse outside and notice the wind blowing on the trees making them lean to one side. It was another chilly day in California. My dad turned up the heat allowing the warmth to radiate towards the back of the car. The drive was 6 hours so taking a nap was a necessity no doubt. I placed my head on the window and drifted off to sleep.


I awoke to my brother pushing me. I groaned, not ready to wake up, and then retaliated by hitting him on the hand but that didn’t stop my brother. He continued to shove me until I was wide awake. I glared at him but he disregarded me looking outside instead.


“LOOK! SNOW!!!” my brother screamed as he pointed towards the window.


I gaze outside to see snow falling soundlessly. Snow coated the trees as if it was a jacket. Blankets of white covered the rocks and grass leaving nothing of any other color. It was beautiful. The car screeched to a stop next to a cabin which also had snow glistening on it’s roof. As I opened the door the cold gushed in. I ran out the car and twirled around in the snow. My fingers started to feel numb and my nose and cheeks began to turn red, but I didn’t care.


I reached my hand out and the snowflake fell upon it.

It was stunning.

It was an early Christmas miracle.


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