A Hype Confrontation


by Karl

During one Saturday of March 2017, I got a chance to meet Richie Le. It was something I never really thought would happen, like what are the chances of meeting an idol you watch on Youtube everyday? On top of that, I don’t only watch Richie’s Youtube videos, but I also have a lot of inspiration from him and apply it to my lifestyle. There was a VASA event at UCF and I attended it with my friend Alex. I just had to go when we found out on social media that Richie Le was the special guest for the VASA festival. During school, I met up with Alex and our conversation kinda went like this,

“Yo, you know about that event comin’ up at UCF?,” and Alex answered, “Nah, why though?”. I told him, “This man Richie Le is the special guest for the event!”, and that’s when Alex said that it was mandatory for us to volunteer at this event.

When Saturday afternoon came by, Alex and I were on our way to the UCF festival. We walked around the campus until we found the event’s room and then we got settled in our volunteering station. Then fifteen minutes into volunteering, Alex tapped my shoulder and pointed to the entrance,

“Yoooo look it’s Richie Le!”

I thought he was messing with me ‘til I turned around and actually saw the guy. Richie walked past our volunteering station and got on stage to practice his rap. After a good run through, Richie got off the stage and sat in the back row of the chairs. Being me, I kinda left the volunteering station to say something to Richie. I approached him and I was like,

“Ay yo Richie,” and then he got up and turned around, “Ayy what’s up!”


Not gonna lie, I was a little shaky confronting him. We had a couple conversations throughout the festival and he had such a chill vibe. He gave me some motivation and talked about his experience growing up. I gave him my hat and he signed it before I returned to my station. The rest of the night went great watching all the performances with all my friends, especially at the end when Richie started doing some crazy giveaways on stage. This night was definitely a night to remember and I look forward to more moments like this one.

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