by Donielle

On July 4th, 2015 I visited my aunt,her fiance, and my cousins in Virginia. I was accompanied by the mother, sister, and grandmother. My aunt’s fiance owned a massive white boat and we were all going to sail to Washington D.C. to see the monuments but most importantly the fireworks.We had to leave the dock early in the morning so we awoke and dressed accordingly. We had gotten to the dock early so we went to Dunkin Donuts. While we were gone, they set up the fishing poles and prepared the boat. As we left, there were over two dozen geese swimming the water by the perimeter of the boat.

We had to dodge many dark brown rock-shaped objects in the water. It felt like forever until we got to the area. It was swarmed with other boats with our same agenda. Although the sun was setting, we could see so many lights, as the monument lights had started glowing, as did the streetlights and car headlights. The first “BOOM!” in the dark sky caught my attention. It was bright red. Soon, all the colors of the rainbow appeared in the sky, arranged in different shapes and sizes. Eventually, we went back after the fireworks ended cruising back in the dark while my eyes closed shut.

Spillane here, Donielle, this post brought me back to Lesson from Geese! love the image and your story.





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