by Brilynn, Period 6


My Aunt Katie’s bunnies had babies!

Her Bunnies names are Nibs and Precious, they had 6 bunnies. Three of the bunnies are black like their mom Precious, and three of them are white like their dad Nibs.

My Aunt Katie sent me a picture through snapchat and a video immediately after. I couldn’t believe it I literally started screaming!

My Aunt had no clue that Precious was even pregnant. She told me that she went to feed them this morning and found the babies in the cage with Precious! She was totally surprised and was freaking out! Today was a great day!


Quick update:

We only have two bunnies now….

Four of the bunnies didn’t make it…

We lost all three of the black ones and one of the white ones…

I pray we don’t lose anymore…

I am nervous the other two won’t make it…

I am nervous what will happen to Precious if she loses all of her babies. I know some animals get really depressed and won’t eat after they lose their kids. I don’t want that to happen to Precious.

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