Competing in German

by Jackie, Period 4


I’m a huge believer in the fact that the amount of work you put in will reflect how you do. This ties into the competition I attended on Saturday, March 4. I participated at FASG, which is a German competition where you participate in three events and at the end awards are handed out.

The first event was a poem I had to memorize. I know I could have done better if I hadn’t started memorizing the poem two days before the competition. I was really nervous to have to say my poem but when it was finally over there was a huge wave of relief that swept over me because that was the hardest part. I did okay for the most part. I knew all the words in my poem but I forgot the order in which they went. I took two long pauses which they took points off for but it’s hard to memorize something that’s not in your native language.

After the poems were the two tests: vocabulary and grammar. Vocabulary was way harder than grammar. I thought I knew vocab but I was wrong. Grammar was my favorite event because it was the easiest and I like to think that my grammar skills are pretty good in German.

Lunch was also really great. The sandwiches were huge and also delicious. It also came with a cookie and chips which was a nice surprise. I sat with my sister and a couple friends and we played a game where you had to try to sell an item and convince the other people to buy it. We were crying because it was so funny. To pass the time we also played cards outside which was also fun.

I didn’t win, Alexa did, but it’s okay because we had a good time. By then it was time for awards. I ended up placing second, third, and fourth. The cool part about the awards is that the medals were black, red, and gold which was cool because those are the colors of the German flag. I’ll be back next year for sure. It was an amazing experience and I’m really glad and proud of myself for even going because I had my doubts. I’m also really thankful for being able to experience this with my sister Amanda and my two friends who also did really great, Alexa and Alec. I’m excited for next year because I know I can always improve and do better than I did this year.

2 thoughts on “Competing in German

  1. I believe hard work is super important to be successful as well! Competing in a different language takes a lot of courage, and I think you guys will remember that experience forever.

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