by Amber, period 4


Today was the day. After a few months of having to stay after school every Wednesday to work on our robots, sometimes even coming before school and during lunch, it was finally the day to go to the Lockheed Martin Robotics Competition. Excitement ran up and down the bus as we got closer to where the they would be holding the competition. I was most excited that this mind- numbing journey was finally coming to a close.

Once you got into the area where the course was at, you could feel a heavy atmosphere filled with a range of emotions. I was so shocked to see how many different schools and types of people who all had the same interest and competitive spirit as we did were there. That competitive spirit only intensified after the commencement of the competition. As some screamed and cheered on their members, some gazed intensely into the course unable to speak while others worked in the background trying to repair the damages from their latest rounds

Although we didn’t win, I am extremely proud of our robotics team for what we achieved. This was our school’s first time at a robotics competition and we plan on doing it again next year, and I gladly look forward to it. All the hard work and frustrating was definitely worth it.

P.S. Since we were unable to use our phones and takes pictures at the competition, I will leave you with a robot pun instead (source:


1 thought on “Robotics

  1. The robotics competition sounds fun and I find inspiration in your dedication of constantly devoting time :)) Great job in representing cypress creek and putting in your best effort! Thanks for the pun 🙂

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