Tennis Triumph

by Catalina, period 4


Earlier this month, Cypress Creek had a tennis game against East River High School. My friends and I were a bit nervous, like always. In my opinion, this was the most exciting game of the season because the girls ended up winning 4-3.

From our singles matches, we had only won two of those matches, which were the #1 and #2 ranking. The #3-5 rankings had lost their singles matches, sadly that included me. So, it all came down to our doubles matches, in which I participated in the #2 doubles match. I was determined to win our doubles match because I don’t I would have forgiven myself if I hadn’t. We did end up winning our doubles match by 8-4 and the other doubles team had also won their match.

Not only did the girls end up winning overall but my partner, Alanah Renejane, and I ended up on the Orlando Sentinel the next day. That day I could tell that we were not just a team, but we were family.


3 thoughts on “Tennis Triumph

  1. Wow! Congratulations on your win in the doubles match! I hope you win all your future singles and doubles matches. 🙂

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