by Marianne, period 3

I hop out of my car with a duffel bag stuffed to its maximum capacity and a sleeping bag I didn’t even know my family owned.

“Be safe”, called my dad.

“Thanks! Love you,” I answered as I ran to greet my friends.

I was welcomed enthusiastically with tight hugs and various hellos. I instantly felt a wave of warmth as I entered the building where my first Lock-In would take place. A Lock-In is a time where a group will stay the night at a school, church, or other form of community where people can share a bond. This Lock-In would be hosted by my new family – YX. YX stands for youth expression, a christian youth group that is apart of the Calvario City Church. Only being apart of this group for about 2 months, I already feel at home and have made new close friends.

The first night was filled with worship and a sermon that will be greatly remembered. Tears fell as knees hit the ground. Prayers filled the room even when the singing stopped and the pastor was finished preaching. After an emotional few hours, we had break then went to play games. Finally, boys stayed downstairs and girls were sent upstairs. There, at 3 am, we were sent to bed.

“Hey guys, time to wake up,” the group leader said as she turned the harsh lights on.

“What times is it?”

“Turn it off!”

Everyone groaned as our eyes burned from the bright lights. Four hours of sleep was not enough but we groggily got ready to go downstairs to reunite with the everyone else for breakfast. Cereal and pan sobao was served. We spent a few minutes eating and then got ready for the last service before we were sent home.

The last thing we did was make the biggest group hug I’ve ever been apart of. We were officially dismissed and waited as our parents arrived. Like always, I was the first one to be picked up.

“Guys, I need a picture! Carlos ! Jaayyyy! Come in the picture,” I said gathering everyone together.

Finally getting everyone’s attention, we posed for a picture.

The Lock-In was more than just an event I went to with my friends. It was more than just another church service I sat through. The Lock-In at YX was an experience.

1 thought on “Locked-In

  1. That sounds like it was so much fun Marianne! I hope my church is able to do things like that in the future! 🙂

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