Happy Trails

by Bethany, Period 4


It was a early Saturday morning and my plan was to spend it doing nothing. Oh how I would find joy in doing absolutely nothing on that Saturday morning! Suddenly I hear this ring emitting from my phone indicating that I got a text message. It was from my brother and he was asking if I wanted to go to Shingle Creek with him to go and walk its trails. I was really tempted to say no because he was going to ruin my perfect plan. But I complied eventually and woke up my sister so she could come along too.

What I didn’t realize was that my nephew was going to come with us. This brought a great happiness within me because the idea of being able to walk with my adorable one year-old nephew was exciting. When we got to the trails, my nephew immediately started saying “wow” and gasping in the awe of a toddler experiencing new things. At Shingle Creek, there were three trails leading in different directions. We decided to pick the trail that had the longest distance so my nephew would get tired and take a nap after we were done. We saw many different birds and animals. One of which was a pure white crane that glided over the lake next to the trail and an otter that was swimming on its back toward places unknown. All the while my nephew was captivated by the nature and wildlife.

After the trekking over various hills and bridges, we walked back towards the car and instantly took out our water bottles and quenched our thirsts. It took about 20 minutes before we were finally all cool so I decided to take a picture with my nephew to remember this day. I knew he had as much fun as a one year-old could have. Even though it wasn’t part of my Saturday plan, I’m glad that I experienced a beautiful morning sun streaming through the leaves of the tall pine trees. I hope we can do it again soon and I think it will become something that he will thoroughly enjoy doing in the future with his family.



3 thoughts on “Happy Trails

  1. You and your nephew look like you had so much fun! I think it’s great you got to spend time with him and your siblings!

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