Senior Night

by Nydializ, Period 7


A really memorable moment this year must be Senior Night.  Although I’m not a senior, there were so many great seniors who I’m so fortunate to have been friends with.

The underclassmen have been planning this one day for months. Multiple ideas have flown around about what to do for them and finally we settled on one: a scavenger hunt.

We would have the members of the color guard hide in certain spots around the school with a present for a specific senior. The seniors would come around in a group and collect all their gifts.

It was on the same day as a football game so we performed all hyped up.

While the seniors collected all their gifts, two other members were setting up the food table. There was a big cake with both vanilla and chocolate for everyone to eat. Chips, dips, and cookies were served as well. Not to mention a really good spaghetti.

I’ll never forget that day and definitely got the biggest smiles I have ever seen on everyone.


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