Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

by Kayla, Period 1


“Good morning everyone! We have now arrived in Ireland. I hope you enjoy your visit,” said the captain.

Ireland was one of the stops on the cruise I went on over the summer. But it was one that stood out to me.

As soon as my family and I got off the boat I immediately felt the strong wind on my face. It was considered “freezing” for us Floridians. Everyone was wearing scarves and winter jackets all bundled up. But during the summer time? Yes! I arrived in Ireland not expecting any of this weather. I was shocked at the fact that it was absolutely freezing. Before I left for the cruise my dad had warned my mom and I.

He said,“It’s going to be cold where you guys are going in Europe.”

“Cold?” replied my mom and I.

“Yes cold!”

But the two us didn’t listen and brought clothes that were meant for the summer. Along with my other aunts. So we ended up having to buy the proper attire. But enough about the weather in Ireland.


The country was so beautiful. Despite the weather, the skies were blue and the everywhere you looked was stunning. All of the architecture was so different from here in the U.S and it was great. Ireland was full of history and beauty. My favorite place I went to when I was there was the cathedral and Giant’s Causeway. All of the locals there were so generous and friendly, super welcoming.

My family and I walked down the cobblestone streets filled with bunches of small stores.  Many of the store sold items such as hats, shirts and books all that had to do with Ireland. It was obviously meant for the all of the tourists visiting. Some things that are sold all year round are St.Patrick’s day items. This small little shop had everything dedicated to the holiday. Everything was St. Patrick’s Day themed. There were stuffed leprechauns, pots of gold, gold chocolate and much more. Ireland was for sure one of my favorite stops on the cruise.



1 thought on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Great post!! Felt like I was there in Ireland with you :)) I really love all the descriptions of the weather and architecture and your connection to St. Patrick’s Day!

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