Friday Night Friends

by Rashid, Period 3


It was a beautiful Friday evening. I had texted the group chat with my buddies, Jonathan, Paul, and Braxton, to see if they wanted to go to Disney Springs with me. They all responded yes, so I asked my mom to see if I could go. She said yes, but with 1 condition – my brother had to go with me. I was okay with that since all my friends were too.

Jonathan has his license, so we decided our rendezvous point between all of us would be my house. J (it’s what I call him for short) picked us all up and we went to Disney Springs. On our way there, Paul brought the speaker, I connected to it through bluetooth, and we blasted some tunes. Unfortunately, we got lost. J was saying, “I know where we’re going!” So I turned the directions off, and the tunes blasted and J got us lost. We got stuck in a jam on I-4 and had to find a way out ASAP since he doesn’t really enjoy driving in crowded places like I-4.

Eventually, we got there. We walked around, messed around at some places, got dippin’ dots, and ate dinner. Blah blah blah, we did all the fun stuff you could at Disney Springs and saw that we still had a couple hours to kill. J asked us if we ever went what he calls ‘hotel hopping.’ The rest of the party said no, and he was like, “Let’s go.” So we followed him onto Bus 9 taking us to the Grand Floridian Hotel at Disney. From there, we just rode the monorails, went to Magic Kingdom, and jumped off there, went to the gates, then took a picture, and came back on the monorail into the final hotel.

The last hotel has 16 floors. From the very top floor, you can see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. It was around 10 PM and Paul and Braxton had to go, so Paul’s mom picked them up. Now it was only Jonathan, my brother, Sadat, and me. My brother went out to watch the fireworks and so it was just J and me on top of the 16th floor. We decided to put our pro photography skills to the test. We ended up messing around a bunch and taking random pictures, but J got some killer pictures of me. This was when I realized, in my 15 years of living, I’ve known him for longer than I’ve known anyone else, and I knew that I couldn’t lose him. He took a picture, and I looked at it, and I started dying in laughter. If you look at the picture below, you can see him taking the candid picture of me. Then he saw this, and he was on the floor laughing even harder than I was, and we couldn’t breathe.


After that picture, we had to go. My mom wanted me home before 12, and J’s mom wanted him home before 12, so we left at around 10:45. My brother and I got home at 11:30, both of us exhausted. Jonathan got home at around 11:50, and that’s what finished this wonderful night with my best friend.


1 thought on “Friday Night Friends

  1. Seems like you had a lot of fun :)) I really enjoyed reading this story and the great time you had!!

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