This is my dog Daisy. She is a small, little dog that really likes to be around my mom. She will obediently watch my mom work, sit with her on the couch, and whine at her door while she takes a nap. If it were not for Daisy, I would not have known what to write about for this Slice of my Life.

In order to try and stop my dog from whining at my mom’s door while she napped after school, I picked her up and carried her to the couch. There, I continued to do homework, and I every once in a while would pet her on the back. After a while, she jumped down and ran back to my mom’s door. I let her sit their a little while, but I did not want her to wake my mom up. So I again carried her to the couch, but this time I blocked the short alcove that leads to my room, my mom’s room, and a bathroom. I did this hoping Daisy would give up and do something other than sit at the gate. This did not happen. She continued to mope and stare through the blockade until I moved her again.

On this last move, I moved the gate to the living room. The gate did not span the whole of the distance between one wall and the other, so I had to improvise. With liberal use of pillows shoved into the cracks between furniture, I was able to stop my small dog from  escaping. She continued to whine and cry, but at least she might have been far enough away for my mom not to hear.




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