by Alex, Period 6

When it comes to volunteering, no one expects to really keep in touch with the ones you just meet. Because you just met those people for the first time, you don’t think you’ll ever talk to them or see them ever again. Well, that wasn’t the case here because what happened was the  complete opposite.

When I arrived at Fashion Square mall that morning and I saw a bunch of Asians grouped up in a half circle, I thought “Wow, I must be in the right place.” When I talked to some of the people there for the first time, it was like I’ve known them since the first day of high school. For the Lunar Parade, I was told I had to wave the flags in a group of people in the actual parade. It honestly took me a while to comprehend that I was going to be in the parade.


Was I nervous? I think there were more words to describe what I was feeling, only it felt like I’ve done this before. The whole parade went great, no one dropped their flag and no one passed out that day. Let me tell you, that weather was killing me and it is partly my fault for wearing a hoodie and black pants but it was worth the time being there.

After the parade was the actual festival with many performances and of course what’s a festival without any food? And of course if it was a Lunar Festival without Asian food. After the parade everyone was just chilling and talking to each other and everyone already has their circle of their friends because everyone either came from two schools. There was only two kids from Cypress but it was like we went to their school just because of how welcoming they were. I learned that volunteering can help you meet brand new people and make new connections. And yes, this is a picture of me posing with other people with Hello Kitty because we could not pass up this opportunity.


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