The Beauty of Life

by Helena, Period 6

My house is a zoo. I have a dog, a parakeet (who used to have a companion but she died of old age two years ago), two turtles, and two fish tanks, one with vividly colored African Cichlids which belongs to my dad, and another with primarily Platys that belongs to me. Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved fish, and I remember how I used to sit and watch them swim around for hours. There was one time prior to this when my fish had babies, but they didn’t survive for longer than about three or four months. When they’re first born, they are as small as a grain of rice, and it’s so exciting to watch them grow and develop their colors. This type of Platy is called a Mickey Mouse Platy, because it has three dots that are very similar to the shape of Mickey’s head on their tail.


If you look close enough in real life, you can see their hearts, which are probably the size of the tip of a pencil, beating. It amazes me to see how a heart so tiny can sustain the fish. They are so delicate, like flowers, and sometimes just watching them eat makes me happy because I know that they are going to grow by getting their nutrients.

My favorite thing about these babies, are not only that I have five of them to watch grow, but that they have gorgeous crystal blue eyes. It’s really difficult to see it in the picture, but up close in person, they are so beautiful. The most rewarding thing to see is the day that they’re big enough and strong enough to be released from the separation box, where they can mingle with the other fish and explore the tank. Who thought a slice of life this big could come from something as small as a grain of rice.


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