by Ludwine, Period 3


I woke up on that Sunday morning to my sister’s voice asking me if I was awake. We were spending the weekend in North Carolina with one of my sister’s best friends and her family. Not knowing when the church started and being unmindful of the time change, my sister told me to get up and start getting ready for church while she went outside of the room.

I was half awake when she came back into the room telling me, “it’s snowing!”

I jumped out of bed screaming, “what?? Are you serious? It’s snowing??”

She replied back by saying, “shhh, yes, their still sleeping.”

I rushed over the carpeted floor, and quickly grabbed my phone, sweatshirt, followed by my coat. Still in my pajamas, but now with more layers on, I made my way to the door when my sister reminded me I only had socks on and to put on a pair of boots.

 As I open the front door, I was welcome by a breeze and saw a mixture between snow and rain.I was too excited by the fact that little flakes of frost were coming from the sky, to care that it was also drizzling rain. I ran around that yard as if I was being chased by their German Shepherd, Chubby. There wasn’t a lot of snow being that it just started, but I still acted like the ground was covered with layers of snow, and tried making a snow ball.

 After minutes of being outside and playing in the light snow, I could see my sister knocking on the window of the room, signaling me to take a picture. She had her phone in her hand and inside of the house she capture what was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life.


2 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. You captured this first BEAUTIFULLY!
    One of my closest friends in college was from Miami. I got to witness her first encounter with snow. As someone who grew up in the snowy Northeastern U.S., it was pretty cool to watch her reaction to “the white stuff” (as she called it the very first time she saw snow in person).

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