Slice of Pie, Much Needed

by Naomy, period 4

As a wee-baby, Let’s just say, I didn’t like pictures. Surprisingly to this day, I still do not enjoy capturing my often ‘bootiful’ face. The only good part of this day was the obvious resemblance to Boo from my favorite childhood movie.That inner Boo really showed up this day. I disliked dressing up in a pretty blue dress and gold earrings. I might’ve needed a drink, a nap, or a kitty. Most likely why I was crying all day. That or lack of food and slumber. Sorry, not sorry. I was not a happy camper as you can tell.

My cousin and I  were always together to keep each other company and comfort. He was trying to hold my hand and be picture perfect, apparently I had other plans. Even if he looked at me like I was crazy and were usually forced to be my buddy, The kid must’ve been questioning my life choices. I know I still am. 

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