Black Box Show


by Evan, Period 1

I honestly truly believe there is no one  I couldn’t thank other than Mr. Kahn for letting me be part of such an amazing cast. Everyone is super great and sweet. They made everyone feel they had a place we belonged. I wont lie, walking on to that stage the first night was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. A full house that’s what it was.

I felt my hands clam and my heart raced as I was in the 5th scene and would be on stage by myself. As my cue was said I felt my breath getting caught in my throat as I skipped to center stage.

There I was. Just me. The lights.  I could feeling the stares of the audience. I could see them staring at me.

So I did what was supposed to be done. I played my character. It was a fear but without the support system we had there of a cast, friends and Mr. Kahn to help us through it I don’t think I would have gotten on stage.

1 thought on “Black Box Show

  1. SO amazing how a teacher could help develop someone as a person and get them to perform like this. Awesome job at the black box show !!

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