Portrayal of Colors

by Kyle, Period 6


   “Ah crap,” I stare at my blank white sheet of paper and think of an obscure idea for my next art piece. “I really don’t know what I’m going to do for this one,”. I blankly stare around the class and search for ideas. The next concept of our new art piece was using complementary colors on anything you desire, but me being who I am, I never find that “anything” part. I’m a very unsatisfied kid that can not find anything that makes me feel content about my actions. In a jiffy, I had recollected the idea that I wanted to practice on self portraits. Instantly, I pulled an image of me in a light pink dress on my phone with me having a very stern face.

“Perfect,” I theorized in my undomesticated mind. I made a rough sketch of me with barely visible streaks on the eyes, nose, mouth, and facial structure. “Wow, impressive,” I thought. This is the first time a self portrait actually looked like someone I based it off of. Now to begin painting.

   Timid to put paint on my excellent image of me, I was nervous that I could mess it up. In the back of my head someone told me, go big or go home. I splashed the paint on my left cheek with dark green. So it begins, ideas flow into my head with different colors. Thinking of the shade that appears on a daily basis. I splashed here and there and say to myself ,“Aaaah crap, this one is GOOD!”  I was amazed by how I was capable of drawing a really decent image of myself. I wanted to portray the colors of me: bright green, orange, and yellow with the dark, green, black and red.

“This is me,” I say out loud. “And these are my colors.”

2 thoughts on “Portrayal of Colors

  1. Kyle you are such an inspiration. I’m proud of you!! :)) Continue to express through the art you create.

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