Birthday Cruise

by Adriana, Period 1


Last year I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do for my birthday. I think the hardest part was that I wanted to do something different for my 15th birthday. Many people gave me different options as to what I should do, so as I was thinking I decided I wanted to go on a cruise with my family. The minute I told my parents, I started planning our whole trip.

The cruise I chose was the Carnival Splendor. It was a 7 day cruise and it traveled to Jamaica, Mexico, and Grand Cayman. Every time I went to the store I had to buy something for the trip, whether it was a bathing suit, flip flops, sunglasses, dinner outfits, etc. Because of how I excited I was I started to countdown the days.

Finally the day was here.

We all drove down to Miami that morning to board the ship. Checking in itself was exciting for me. Once I set foot on the ship I was filled with joy. I tried to do as many things I could before it was time to go to dinner. I wished that moment would never end. I loved going to all the different places and meeting new people from all over the world. Having an opportunity to travel to places I haven’t gone to yet was the best part, but of course sharing that time with my family was also amazing.

I can’t lie, my 15th birthday will always be worth remembering, it was the best birthday ever!!!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Cruise

  1. I am glad that you had such an amazing opportunity to celebrate your birthday that way. I hope that you enjoyed every single moment.

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