Slice of Family Life

    Some people have family that they see all the time. Some deal with them because they are family or because they simply are forced to. But some people don’t have that convenience to be able to go and visit them whenever they please to. I am part of those whose family is spread out through the US ranging from Indianapolis to Las Vegas. Family in Kansas and in Puerto Rico, yet we always seem to find a way to communicate as if distance was just a number.

    I am a quiet kid wherever I go and all of my friends know the same but that part if me does not come from my family. They are your traditional Puerto Rican family, all super loud and childish and just some of the most fun you will ever have if around no doubt about it.

   Puerto Rico is my Island and ours. Full of beautiful sites and gorgeous mountains that make you wanna stay and look at forever as they grab onto you in the moment and freeze you in time. I recently had the absolute pleasure to have the best of both worlds. With a ticket and a couple of bags me and my brother and mother flew  to Puerto Rico to meet with all of my family which was something that hasn’t happened in years because of everyone being so busy and having very different lives.

I spent a couple of days there and had an absolute blast, we went to go see Cueva Ventana which is a cave that overlooks a grand opening with a magnificent view.Yes it’s an incredible view but nothing beats something more beautiful. Something that’s just the basic nature of everything. Love for your family. No view in the world can greater than when you see and feel all of the people you love in one little spot. Some say a picture can tell a thousand words, but that’s an understatement.


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