My First Hit in High School, Well Sort of…

by Brendan, Period 3

brendan_cchs baseball

It was about a week and a half ago that our Cypress Creek JV Baseball team was playing a game against Dr. Phillips at home. I didn’t start the game but I eagerly waited with anticipation for my chance to come in the game. That chance came during 6th inning when I was subbed into the game to play 2nd base. It was a close game, we were behind by 2 runs with 2 innings left to play. We were in desperate need of some late game magic. In the bottom of the 6th inning I came up to bat with a runner on first, I had reached base multiple times before by way of walk or hit by pitch but I still hadn’t gotten that first hit yet. I stood just outside the batter’s box and looked for the sign from coach. I processed his multiple hand gestures he made, then dug my right foot into the batter’s box and my left followed soon. I tapped home plate twice with my bat and motioned it forward and that was the end of my superstitious pre at-bat routine. I watched the first pitch for a strike on the outside corner, the next pitch came in high. The count was 1-1 and the next pitch was a belt high fastball that I barreled up and sent into centerfield. I had finally gotten my first hit and at a critical time in the game. Before the pitcher could get set the opposing team’s manager came out and was talking to the umpire.

“Oh What now?”I thought as I stood on first.

The conference went on for about two minutes.

“They’re gonna take away my hit,”I mumbled under my breath.

After the annoyingly long conference, the umpire signaled for me to come back to the dugout and for the runner on second to come back to first. My first hit was taken away. As I jogged into the dugout I was greeted with the line

“It’s okay kid, you’re still 1-for-1,” from many of my teammates.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, I came up to bat again in apparently my correct spot to be hitting in. Before I stepped into the box the umpire apologized for taking my hit away I responded with a simple “it;s ok” even though that wasn’t even close to what I wanted to say.

That at-bat I grounded out to short and we ended up losing to Dr. Phillips by 2 runs. My first hit was taken away by a stupid mistake from the umpire who wasn’t paying attention, but you can’t stay mad at the little things about baseball because in the end team milestones come way before individual ones.



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