Go Pats


My dad moved to Boston when he was 17 and got into football very quickly. He is now near 50 years old and has been following the Patriots with a passion for more years than I’ve been alive. He passed this same love down to me.  So, my love for the NFL team, the New England Patriots, is very very deep. VERY deep. I always wear Pats shirts, read about the team, and of course talk trash with my good friends. This trash talk and fire for the team was especially prevalent since we were playing in Super Bowl 51.

“If the Patriots don’t win this game I’m going to cry” I said to my good friend Kris who is a huge giants fan.

“Well Tom Brady is old and going to play like crap, you guys are going to lose.”

“We are totally  going to win this game, we have the better team by far.”

“The Falcon’s offense is too good, Matt Ryan is MVP.”

After this bit of trash talk, I came up with an idea. An awful idea. The Grinch, I mean uh myself, had a wonderful, awful idea.

I thought of a good bet to make with Kris to get him into a Pats jersey, one of my life goals.

“You know what Kris, if the Patriots win this game then you have wear my patriots shirt all day and tell me the Patriots are the best  franchise ever. But if the Falcons win, then I have to wear a Giants jersey and say the Patriots are cheaters.”

“Ok deal, but tell me what size shirt your wear in advance.”

Then came judgement day. For the first half of the game,I really thought I would be wearing that Giants jersey. However, you can never ever count out Tom Brady. One 25 point comeback later, and I asked Kris which shirt he likes more. He said the Patriots are still crap, but I got a hilarious moment out of it it.



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