Snow Firsts


Everyone has dreams and hope their dreams would actually come true, but sometimes dreams are just left as dreams. In this case, my dreams did come true and I will always remember and appreciate that special moment in my life.

It was about 5 A.M. and I was too excited to actually be tired. Everyone was placing their items of luggage and other personal items in the three vans that we rented, let me tell you that we are on this road trip with about 21 members of my family from the Dominican Republic.

We were ready to go on this 10 hour road trip to South Carolina and ready to see what I always dreamed to see, SNOW.

Since I live in an area where snow is literally nonexistence and the temperature barely drops below 50 it’s hard to actually make my dreams come true. Seeing snow has been my dream ever since I was a little girl. So having that opportunity was so important for me.

When we crossed borderline from Georgia to South Carolina I was squealing with excitement because I was so close to what I’ve been dreaming for a long time. Sadly we didn’t see snow right away but when we arrive our destination we might.   

“Are we there yet, Are we there yet?” I kept anxiously asking my parents

“Almost, We are almost there?” my parents kept repeating.

All of a sudden we make a rough in front of this beautiful cabin and I was too excited that I didn’t even realize we were driving up a mountain the whole time. This amazing cabin was so beautiful and the few from it was too that I totally forgot what I was wanting to see. Sadly it wasn’t snowing but I looked at the bright side of this, I was going to be staying in this beautiful big cabin with my whole family which was amazing.

The cabin inside looked as gorgeous as the cabin looked outside. We walked into a big living room with a huge fireplace. To my right, there were three rooms with king sized beds in each. Then there was a door that led downstairs to the basement which had three rooms but instead but the king sized beds it has 2 bunks beds in each room. That basement also had a big television with stacks of movies, a pool table, and a bunch of board games. This was literally a dream house for this trip and we were blessed to have the opportunity to make it happen.  

Everyone was exhausted from the 10 hour trip so we all were assigned a room and went to sleep to have a great adventurous day in South Carolina the next day.


I woke up the entire house with my screams while i was getting dressed to run outside.

I walked out of the balcony doors and a saw it, i was watching what i’ve been dreaming to see since i was a little girl.

White flakes of snow just piling on top of each other, one by one on my hair and my face. It didn’t  feel like what i imagined it would be, it felt even better and unbelieveable. The scene in front of me looked so beautiful that I forgot it was below 10 degrees. The mountains were covered with snow and it looked like a work of art that took time to perfect to beauty.

patricia snow

January 3rd 2016 was the day my dream came true and I finally saw snow for the first time in my life, which was an important and beautiful moment in my life.

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