Too Much



by Karlie, period 1


Electives: A breeze but classes are too slow to learn and progress.

Core: All gripping at a B grade.

Clubs: I regret joining Robotics and it was a long Wednesday so I only had to stay for 20 minutes to leave to go ice skating. I am trying to become an officer for Japanese Club next year since current officers are all seniors. I was at Cubing Club Tuesday until 4 and Thursday for 20 minutes since there was Japanese Club that day.


American Sign Language: Learned 116 words. Finished one course and added a new one.

Japanese: 67 words and 25 kanji

Russian: 10 words and most of the alphabet (Pronunciation and spelling is hard!)


5 finished mangas with additional stories and chapters

Cried really hard reading about a suicidal 32-year-old man in a relationship with a crossdressing 17 year old boy. They met again as a suicidal 32-year-old man and crossdressing 47-year-old man.

Ice Skating:

I hate the little children that cross my path causing me to brake like a car. I learned to do an inside eagle spread. I’m trying to do a one-foot spin but I need to get skates sharpened. I think that’s why my stops are getting worse. Working on consecutive edge lunges and backwards three turns. I overworked the arch of my left foot and had to ice it and my butt still hurts. I’m also doing off-ice rotation practice and after a bit I lose my footing.

karlie arch


I wanted to punch: 4 female friends, 4 other female peers, 1 female child, 3 adult women, and 2 arrogant white males.

I no longer want to punch: 1 female who is now a friend.


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