A New Companion


It was a cloudy evening seven years ago, and my siblings and I were tired as we had been playing in the backyard for hours. As I kicked off my beat up sketchers to step inside the house, I heard a familiar voice, although not expecting it.

“Se Desir!” I yelled running inside.

“Pitamn! How are you Brit?” she replied.

“I’m great! Wait, what’s that?” I asked, my eyes shifting towards a grey crate behind the legs of her pink scrubs. It was then I noticed the loud whining and constant thumping of a tail against the hard plastic of the cage.

“That’s MJ! I brought him for you guys.” she said with a smile.

Wait. For us?

“Wait, he’s ours? Why? When? Mommy didn’t say we were getting a dog. Where did he come from? What does his name mean?” I shot back with questions.

“I don’t know what his name stands for but I have to go. I’ll see you guys on Tuesday.”

I watched as my dad walked her out. What just happened? Why did she leave this dog here? I turned back to the crate and reached to open in, the cool metal of the bars giving me goosebumps.

The puppy looked at me, afraid and shivering. He had this short white fur and brown ears accompanied by cute brown spots around and under his eye. I could see the excitement on my siblings’ faces as we faced his shivering body. I could see much fun and laughter in the years to come with our new friend by our side.

britney dog

1 thought on “A New Companion

  1. I think it’s funny that one moment you didn’t have a dog but then all of a sudden you did! MJ is adorable!

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