MPA Adventure

by Stephanie, period 3

stephanie mpa

Friday March, 3rd a little after 7:30 pm, the band might’ve just had the best performance we’ve had so far.  After our performance of Music for Prague at the Edgewater High School auditorium we saw the crowd giving us a standing ovation and we accepted it with pride. Walking back to our place in the cafeteria we heard our woodwind captain and friend Ashley ask “Can we please get one section picture?”

We all agreed once we were done putting our instruments and belongings away we would take a great section picture. The clarinet section is a little difficult to control and we couldn’t get one single picture where we all looked normal, “ Which camera do we look at first?”

“Can we make this funny face?” was all the section was asking. It’s like we would all mentally agree to start laughing at the same exact time.
After 5 minutes of struggling to take one single picture Ashley, Sarah, and myself all turned to our section and said “Alright let’s take at least one picture looking nice and then we can take whatever kind of “funny” pictures you guys want after that !”

Finally we all settled down and smiled for a decent picture. As you can see above we couldn’t contain how proud we were of the performance we had just done, no matter what happened the clarinet section had eachother. All that mattered is that we got our one picture showing off our award winning smiles because right after the picture was snapped we all busted out laughing letting our laughter fill up the cafeteria.


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